Saturday, December 02, 2006

Looking for The Week..

The Week, in the December 3 Edition, has a story of Imroz's love for Amrita... and it has 2 superb pieces of poetry... methinks both by HER..

Can someone please please lay their hands on this copy and get me those two pieces of poetry?

In the meantime, read this and you will know why one is so desperate to get that stuff..

Amrita once wrote of her love for Imroz:

kisi ka jurm ho, karte hain tere naam rakm,
Gila hai jo bhi kisi se vo tere sabab se hai..

No matter who wrongs me, the blame rests with you,
All my anger, with anyone in the world, is because of you..
(Don't bother trying to make sense of this in a rational model of love)

And this, in her own words, is the sarmaya(gist) of her life:
kuchh dard tha, jo maine cigarette ki tarah kiya hai
kuchh nazmein hain, jo raakh ki tarah jhaadi hain..

nazm kaagaz ko dekhe, aur yun munh mode,
Jaise kaagaz paraya mard ho...


iamnasra said...

thats a really nice charming poem..I was touched to get ur really touched me..I never thought that one day that my poetry can effect anyone...being half arab/african with two language which Im is suppose to me my mother language I was so afraid that my writings or poetry is not good enough till now if i have to read my poetry I so afraid because it might have mistakes ..Thank you for uplifiting my courage

iamnasra said...

Thank you

sophie said...

love cannot be a rational
model -

therein lies it's beauty and

Jagdish Bhatia said...

वाह! अमृता की शायरी बहुत कम ही मिलती है नेट पर । अगर कहीं कुछ लिंक मिले तो जरूर बतायें।
पंजाबी में और भी प्रस्तुत करें, बहुत ढूंढा, एक आध को छोड़ कोई पंजाबी ब्लाग नहीं मिला :(

How do we know said...

Hi Nasra: Honesty, anywhere in the world, deserves an applause, and on what you are doing, deserves a standing ovation. The pleasure is entirely mine!

Hi Sophie: So true!!

आईना जी: आपने अब अपना नाम बदल दिया, पर हमें तो वही पुराना नाम याद है! मेरे पास अमृता प्रीतम की 50 कवितायें, पंजाबी में, .jpg format में पडी है. ये मुझे online कहीं ही मिली थीं आप चाहें तो मैं यहां कर post सकती हूं.