Saturday, January 26, 2013


The word believe actually means Be.Live. To believe something is to BE it and to LIVE it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inkaar - Film Review and the questions it raises

Inkaar is not a stellar film. In fact, as pure cinema, it will make no history. and box office records show probably not even a present. So why is it being reviewed?

Its being reviewed because one thing, and that one thing only, stood out. Loud and CLEAR.

When the lady announces her decision to accuse her boss of sexual harassment, the way she is treated:

The Super Boss: Business compulsions. Why are you doing this? we have done so much for you.

FEMALE Colleagues: Just sleep with him and get it over with.

Fiance: Why dont you quit? (Her response? I DESERVE This. why should i quit? Why indeed?)
Fiance: OK, u had a scene with him, dont think i dont know. (So, if i had a "scene" with him at one time, he can harass me now?)
Fiance: Its embarassing. I have clients in these locations. They will hear and its embarassing for me. (Really? Your fiancee getting harassed is not an embarassment, but she reporting it is?)

And this is painful because its REAL. Because when women around us talk about dowry harassment, eve teasing, office politics against them, sexual harassment, street harassment, we look away. even today. we wish they would come to terms with it and not speak so much about it. we wish they wouldnt demonise the people closest to them - their families - parental or marital. We wish it away. Like most other negative things.

So, look deeeeeeep inside you and tell me, how will you respond if you know of a female colleague you know accuses someone in office of sexual harassment? For the record, lets make her someone who is hot looking, dresses well, and does not mind speaking her mind - even (hawwww!!) even around men. What will you say - to her, and in  your head??

Sunday, January 20, 2013

If The drunk named movies ..

There is a facebook group called "The Punnery" . Yesterday, one of the posts asked.. what if drunkards named movies.. the answers were so awesome i took special permission to post them here.

These are answers only from those who have given permission to reproduce their comments on the blog.

If drunkards named movies...

Anurag Singhal:
  • Beer Zaara
  • Soda Akbar
  • Hum Tunn
  • Rum de Basanti
  • Kabhi whiskey kabhi rum
  • Rub Ne Pila Di Thodi
  • Talli Six
  • Whiskeya
  • Hum Talli Ho Gaye Sanam
  • Ek Tha Bagpiper
  • 7 Ghoonth Maaf
  • Mere Brother Ki Bottle
  • Maine Neat Kyun Piya
  • Boozi-gar
  • Jab we Drunk
  • Miller Ki Raat
  • Beerta (Veerta)
  • Abb Tumhare Hawaley Liver Saathiyon
Ashish B:
  • Paani Kam
  • Scotch-lay
  • Peena teri galee mein
  • Ajab Tharre ki gajab kahaani
  • Life in a Mai'khaana
  • Tunn'u weds Maddi'nu
  • Wake up Piyakkad
  • Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi Bavdee thi
  • Toddy'Guard
  • Gin'gham
  • Bevda Rathore
  • Khol Dhakkan (Bol Bachchan!)
  • Don of Beerbar
  • Tunna Bhai MBBS / Lage Raho Tunna bhai
  • 3 Drunkards
  • Piyakkad-e-Azam
  • Ham hain Rahi Bar ke
  • Pirates of the Curry Beers
  • Kyunki Main Booze nahi chhoDta
  • Albert Pinto ko Tharra kyun bhaata hai?
  • Ram teri Ganga Tulli
  • Jab We Tunn
  • DaruKaJosh (Sarfarosh)
  • Hamara Drink Aapke Paas Hai
  • Phir teri Daru-Party yaad Aayi
  • Pati Patni Aur Vodka
  • Tequila No 9211
  • Rum Bin
  • Ek main aur ek Daaru
  • 1857: A Pub-rising
  • Naache Angoori (Nache Mayuri)
  • Jhooth bole Pauwa baante
  • Salaam Khambey
  • Kashmir ki Tulli
  • naach bottle naach!!
  • Gin'nie in a bottle!'
  • When Sally met Tully!!
  • Peeo aur peene do!!
  • Behoshi!!
  • Theke pe theka!!
  • Happy hours!! (i think, for Happy feet.)
  • Jab daaru liya toh darna kiya!!
  • Tharrabaaz!! (remember Jaanbaaz?)
  • Peeke'zaa!!
  • Woh 7 Tunn!!
  • Peg'am!!

And what would remain unchanged?

  • Hangover
  • Cocktail
  • Pyaasa
  • Do Aankhein Barah Haath
Go on, add yours... this is fun!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


मुझे जाना था
तुम से दूर
और उस से भी पहले
अपने से दूर
एक दिन
इस मिटटी को बचाने के लिए
एक खुशबू को मैंने गिरवी रखा
और गिरवी रखी चीज़ 
कहाँ वापिस आती है?

आज परदेस में धुल फांकता हूँ
और सोचता हूँ
जिस मिटटी को बचाया था
वो भी सींच कहाँ पाया
और जो खुशबू छूट गयी
उस की भी अब आशा क्या

i needed to go
far away from you
but before that
i had to
leave myself

one day, to save my body
i pawned
the scent of my heart.
and who has ever retrieved
a thing once pawned?

today, as i roam the streets of a land not mine
i wonder
the body that i tried to save
could not be nourished
and my soul
is also
forever starved.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

नया साल

नया साल है तो
लाजिम होगा
कुछ नयी बातों का तकाज़ा
कुछ नयी शुरुआतों  का ज़िक्र भी होगा
कुछ छूटे साथियों की याद आयेगी

वक़्त गोल पहिया है
कहाँ इसका आगाज़ , कहाँ अंजाम
किसी ने एक दिन रुक कर
एक जगह पहिये पर
एक काली बिंदी लगा दी
तब से हम सब
नया साल मनाते हैं

 On new year's eve
there are bound to be
missing of friends
lost along the way.

Time, is an endless wheel
where is the start, or the end
of the earth's revolution?
someone stood, at one place, one day,
and put a tiny marker spot
on the wheel
And that is how
we came to celebrate
The New Year.