Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Doordarshan Quiz

Think you know your Doordarshan well? Try this and tell me what you think...
1. "Chitrahaar", the weekly program of Hindi Film songs, was telecast every _____________ .

2. This program was an adaptation of "Little Women": ______________.

3. This program was based on that eternal romance, "Pride and Prejudice" : _________.

4. "Malgudi Days" was based on a book by R K Laxman.
True/ False ?

5. This was the first serial based on mythology to appear on TV with a huge production budget. This was also the serial that marked the entry of a film production house into television. Which serial are we talking about?

6. Pankaj Kapoor made a mark as the carrot happy detective in a detective serial. The name of his secretary in the serial was _______________.

7. "Neev" was weekend viewing. The story was about a ___________.

8. Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi was made famous, justifiably, by this excellent execution of a historical. The serial we are talking about is_________.

9. They were staple faces in our drawing room once a week, as they smiled, discussed, and brought rich Indian culture into our homes - Siddharth Kak and Renuka Shahane. The TV series that brought them to us, and that played the game "Six Degrees of Separation" with its viewers was:

10. This was a 5 part serial based on Bheeshma Sahni's novel of the same name. The theme was India's partition.

11. This family saga was made special by Ashok Kumar's commentary at the end of each episode. The serial was ___________.

And your score is?


Artnavy said...

4. False- rk NARAYAN

mayz said...

1. friday
4. false
5. ramayana
6. karamchand
9. surabhi
11. hum log

Saadia said...

Hmm, do people still watch Doordarshan!

~nm said...
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~nm said...

1. Sunday
2. ?????
3. Trishna
4. False (It was based on R K Naryan's book)
5. Ramayana
6. Karamchand
7. A school boy
8. Chanakya
9. Surabhi
10. Tamas
11. Hum Log

My Score:
- Questions Answered 10/11
- Correctly answered - I think 10/11 :P

The Rat... said...

1. Wednesday
4. False... R K NArayan it was..
5. Ramayan

ouch i fared very bad i guess

Balvinder Singh said...

Yaar mainey sab key comments padh liye is liye it will amount to cheating so i don't want to score. But i think i knew only three answers, that is Surabhi, Hum Log and the answer to question 6 is "Kitty" and not Karam chand because u asked the name of the secretary.

Swayam said...

4. false

sorry nothing beyond thta... dont even want to hazard a guess...

Think Tank said...

i can anwer only d lat question ..zero :P

yamini meduri said...


the rest i dont know...!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I had a bad case of Doordarshan a couple years ago, but applied a topical cream and it cleared up.

kj said...

my score is zero, but may i visit you anyway?


You Know Me Very Well said...

OMG.. Guess I d have failed miserably except for Chitrahaar,Karamchand & Surabhi :) and to think that I was remembering DD just few days ago... but those were the days right? we used to Maha fun... something like maximum utilization of available resources :) Btw.. where did u get this knowledge from and post the right ans pls :)

Chiya said...

1. Wednesday
2. kachee dhup
3. pass
4.R. K Naraynan
6. Karamchand
7. Life in boarding school.
8. Chankya
9. Surabhi
10. Tamas
11. Hum Log

G said...

1. Friday
3. Trushna
4. False. R.K. Narayan
5. Ramayan
6. Kitty :)
9. Surabhi

my space said...

no cheating...i scored 9...forgot trishna (but not kittu gidwani!) and neev..

Mampi said...

Nine, my score ws nine.
But after i counted the score, i came to confess that for no reason at all, i was reminded of 'Buniyaad' two days back. Were you and I connecting at that precise time?

How do we know said...

And the answers are:
1. Wednesday.
2. kachchi dhoop
3. Trishnaa
4. False. Artnavy is right - it was RK Narayan.
5. Ramayana
6. Kitty.
7. Boarding school. (Artnavy: Was it the Scindia School? OMG.. all these years i thot it was modelled on the Doon School!)
8. Chanakya.
9. Surabhi.
10. Tamas
11. Hum Log

All of you have calculated your score pretty accurately!

And so far, the highest score
belongs to Artnavy, who missed question 6 on a purely technical point - the name of the secy, not the name of the serial! :-)Answer 7 is partially accepted bcs the answer was "life in a boarding school" At 9.5, she is just a notch above all of you who scored 9!!

Way to go! I have also designed another quiz.. let me know if u want to take that one.


Tanvi said...

OMG! U must be a religious Doordarshan viewer

Well, I'll be very very honest about my answers

Chitrahaar was telecast every friday, as far as I remember

Malgudi Days was based on a book by RK Narayan

Was it Ramayana- the first TV serial based on epic?

Amul Surabhi show by Siddharth kak and Renuka Shahane. I loved watching it.

I regret not knowing all the answers. I was in school when DD was the most popular of the very few TV channels and so, was not allowed to watch too much TV.

Great Quiz, btw.

Keep Rocking!

Tanvi said...

And Oh, I just noticed that accidentally,I have been a very good girl and answered all the questions without looking at the answers.

My score...too poor to tell :(

And yea, more quizzes please :)

Gazal said...

enjoyed doing the quiz..

brought back a lot of memories

D writer said...

hey nice one...though i wont attempt to answer...not confident

Artnavy said...

give me the other quiz please

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