Friday, June 25, 2010

Super 30 - Himmat-e-marda-madade-khuda

They used to tell us this phrase when we were children... Himmat-e-marda-madad-e-khuda.. meaning.. if you make the effort, God will help.
This story this morning made my day...
so much that i had to blog about it... though the post logically belongs on the Esha blog where i write about other people doing great work.. it is here that it will be read more..

How to create a coaching institute with 100% result in the first 3 years of its inception - for ALL the 3 years?? Learn from the Super 30 in the link above.


Onkar said...

Yes, I have read about it and felt amazed at the success.

Neha said...

More than the success, its the free coaching and also lodging, for someone else. That means a lot!