Monday, June 14, 2010

तेरे झूठ

तेरे झूठ ,
मलमल जैसे,
नर्म, मुलायम, चमकीले
उस का सच
खद्दर जैसा
ओढो तो सख्त
बिछाओ तो खुरदरा

तेरे झूठ
महलों जैसे
बड़े, हवादार, मायावी,
एक पल में परी बना देते
एक पल में बेघर
उसका सच
झोंपड़ी जैसा
न कमरे, न कोई आराम
पर सर पर छत
हमेशा ।

तेरे झूठ
सपने जैसे
उस का सच
सपाट, एक सार,
बस एक वचन।
Your lies
like velvette
soft, caressing, shiny..
His truth
like the rough cotton cloth.

Your lies
like a castle -
BIG, airy, unreal..
They make me a fairy one minute
and homeless the next.
His truth
like a poor man's hut
there are no layers
not enough room
But always
a roof on the head.
Note: this is not a literal translation. This is what i wld have written if the poem was in English.


Mampi said...

beautiful imagery.
we would have been bereft of the beauty of this poem if you had decided not to post it.

Mampi said...

I wish I had written it. I really do.

Mayz said...

this was awesome!!!!

BK Chowla, said...

Beautifully written piece

rainboy said...

very nice... :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

My lies are more like silk, my truth more like burlap, but there you are.

Amrita said...

love it. love it.

Varun said...

mera sach
meetha kitna
jis se ras
kapat ka tapakta

mere jhooth
hriday se behte
pavitra shabdon ki
nirmal dhaara

darpan sachha
chhavi bhi sachhi
jhoothi kewal

How do we know said...

Hi Mampi: Sab aap hi ke kaaran hai.. i wld have not written this post.. :-)

Hi Mayz: Thanks.

Chowla sir: thank you.

Hi Rainboy: Thanks. And how have u been?

HI Phos: :-)

Hi Amrita: Thanks.

Hi Varun: i loved the last paragraph of that poem.. and u know.. in some situations.. what u say actually is very very true..

Onkar said...

Wonderful- both the original and the translated one.

Onkar said...

Wonderful- both the original and the translated one.

How do we know said...

Onkar sir: Thank you. Believe me, i was waiting to hear what you will say to this poem.. thank you!

Indian Home Maker said...

Beautiful.... And loved the comments too :)

Reshma V said...

This is so beautiful! There is more than one way of interpreting this - my interpretation: I would take the truth, however rough in texture, anyday over an airy pleasing fib!

J P Joshi said...

This is really beautiful.....

sandhya said...

Kaun jaane
kab sach hota hain jhoot
Aur kaun jaane
kab jhoot hota hain sach
Apna apna dekhneka andaaz hota hain