Friday, November 28, 2008



my dear politician:

Terrorism is a combat topic. Keep your traps shut. The only combat you know is the one with your spouse. That experience does not count.

Please stop adding to the mayhem with your visits after the calamity. You only add to the logistical nightmare. Stay right where you are. Give that peanut sized mind a rest. Let the combat people take the necessary decisions.

- The Indian Citizen

Mumbai is not a stand alone incident. the venue has changed from Hazratbal to Mumbai. When Srinagar or Mizoram burns the country does not go into a tizzy. We should. We should protest the first atrocity to prevent the second.

Why did we not get on the media's neck to ask, "where were you when there were terror atrocities in the rest of the country? Why were you worrying abt Raju Shrivastava?" Why were we reading the gossip section before the national affairs section?

I second Tata Tea - Jaago Re. It's time to stop blaming. its also time to stop thinking "This is about someone else."


Edited to add: Isn't there such a thing as "Internal Security Threat" that allows us to declare an Emergency, go hammer and tongs after every lead, and do total pest control in this country?

Much as I hated her, at times like this, I miss Indira Gandhi. She could take a difficult decision. And Act on it.


Part XVIII of the constitution permits the state to suspend various civil liberties and the application of certain federal principles during presidentially proclaimed states of emergency. The constitution provides for three categories of emergencies: a threat by "war or external aggression" or by "internal disturbances"; a "failure of constitutional machinery" in the country or in a state; and a threat to the financial security or credit of the nation or a part of it. Under the first two categories, the Fundamental Rights, with the exception of protection of life and personal liberty, may be suspended, and federal principles may be rendered inoperative. A proclamation of a state of emergency lapses after two months if not approved by both houses of Parliament.

Two months. Enough Time.


Mampi said...

How will their roties be cooked if they listened to us?
they did that with us, they are doing it to us again.
Your post deserves a standing ovation.

Ajit said...

this is a great post :)
enjoyed it...

Anonymous said...

Shocking ! Terrible ! Disgusting !

Trailblazer said...

Worse than the politicians are the media persons.

My thoughts

dil ki pyar said...

if they start listening to us then they have to work alot...which they cant.... and how can anyone expect these old retired people to work for the country????we dont expect but still we elect them to lead the country who actually are in need of some one else to help them walk....

this is India and this continues until there a klind acton like that in the movie YUVA takes place.....

and never talk about that media....these serial blasts are just another 24 hrs news to them....i accept that they ar also leading a terrible time there at the places but wat are they for?? when no information is given to the people???

all are unanswered questions....

Anonymous said...

How true!
I totally second your thoughts.This callous attitude on our part and the government's part needs to be condemned and your post is really a strong step towards that. Thanks for an enlightening gesture!

Indian Home Maker said...

Brilliantly put. I feel the same way. We need such sane, sensible voices in these times.
"We should protest the first atrocity to prevent the second." I agree.

Love Jaago Re campaign, blogged about it too :)

Manasa said...

Its worse than a war and who can predict that this will not happen again?

How do we know said...

Hi Mampi: Thank you. Roti to mil jaati hai, its the butter that they want. maroge to vahi 2 gaz zameen chahiye hogi. Kya karoge itne sab ka?

Hi Ajit: Thanks

Hi Hobo: Can't agree more.

Hi Trailblazer: In an event like this, the first thing to be blocked out should have been the media. And no one thought about it! Am still getting over the shock of that one.

Hi dil ki pyar: True. All are unanswered questions.

Hi Mithe: Kuchh ho to baat bane.

Hi IHM: i LOVE your blog.. one of the few sensible, intelligent blogs around.

Hi Manasa: Oh, it is guaranteed that it will happen again. UNLESS we send a VERY strong NON DIPLOMMATIC signal. This is not the time for diplomacy. For once, India really needs to act.

Saadia said...

Much as I wrote in my own blog, we pay attention when something as horrible as this, hits us directly. We've grown too accustomed to people dying from terrorism and violence every day, in far flung areas. That is as much our war as this.

Mampi said...

Read the edited part just now.
I was talking in exactly the same terms to one of my more enlightened classes that THIS is the situation of Emergency, and nothing but that declaration will result in total detox of this country.

human being said...

i fear the way all the countries of the world are in a way victim to such attacks...
these politicians!!

many innocent people are always killed in these attack...

i'm worried about my Indian friends...
hope you and all your family are fine...

Id it is said...

"It's time to stop blaming. its also time to stop thinking "This is about someone else." Truly said!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Very well written.

RiverSoul said...

When, in all eternity, will we stand united, and remove the danger from our beloved nation?

It will be a matter of national shame if we don't reply to this attack. Look at US. When the world lay stunned at the sights of the terror attack on the trade centre buildings, did they sit pretty? No.
They worked out a proper investigation method, found out who was responsible for this, and had a definitive report ready even before the people could come to terms with the tragedy.
Our govt should learn from them.
Its high time people woke up. The screams for justice are too loud to ignore anymore.

Your post was brilliant.
Thank you.

RiverSoul said...

Oh and i've followed ur Blog now.
Its too good to miss.

How do we know said...

Hi Saadia: Absolutely. And am so glad that you understand this.

Hi Mampi: I don't know what we will call an emergency if we dont call this one. And for that duration, i do not want to hear word like "religion, state, caste" et al. SP's son or CM's father, bring them all to the book.

Hi human being: Thanks. We're fine, and so far, all the friends i know are fine too. Thanks for asking.
I hate it when innocent people are targetted over and over again, and the state does nothing about it. Even now, all our politicians are acting like imbecile idiots. even after a tragedy of this magnitude!

Hi Raaji: Thanks. How have u been?

Hi Riversoul: Thank you for liking the blog enuf to follow it. :-) I am hoping that someone in the government gets sane and suspends all elections, then declares an emergency and once and for all, sends a strong signal to the world at large, that india is VERY serious about terrorism. Amen! (and why an i dreaming so much?)

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

i've just got info that politicians were involved too.

Someone was already in Taj working for them(the T's).There was a romm 6something had half the ammunition already hey brought with them.

i have learned a lot more..but can't say..all i can say is that..
a lot of truth has been swept under the carpet.

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

and did u came to my new URL?? how???

Rhett said...

Yeah, enough is enough.

BTW, can I reqst you to expand your profile somewhat?

PARRY said...

Politicians,Intelligence,Media all have some role to play in the situation we find ourselves in. The collaboration of the negative elements in our society is wat needs to be checked. It can be done if ordinary citizens become more aware of their rights and duties.
Yes its a common thing we learnt. But we got to start from scratch to wipe out the viruses.

Keshi said...

I was deeply saddened by what happened in Mumbai..I hv no words to express my grief.

but it all happens for us to take new security we'll learn how to protect our borders better. All the best to all Indians!


mayz said...

we have a bunch of spineless leaders...i agree wid d jaago re thing...we r jus sleepin over d issues...we need to wake up n kick some ass...
terrorists dont kill i dont think our leaders require any kinda security for no one will even bother wastin their time killin em...
instead this security shud b used or d common man whoz actually doin smthn for this country

Does it matter said...

Yes, will we ever learn?

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The Phosgene Kid said...

The terrorists are trying to undermine civilization as we know it and replace it with their own demented vision - with them in charge, of course. Then there is the media that uses the attacks, the high profile ones to sell ad space and governments that see it as an excuse to infringe on individual liberties.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Good thing that the gov'ts of India and Pakistan chose to spend money on nukes vice the multitudes of poor in their countries - got to have your priorities straight. Now comes the task of searching for a reason to use the nuclear weapons. My money is on Pakistan letting them off the leash first.

How do we know said...

Hi V: Arre there is a link from ur profile to the new blog. That simple! Yes, i also realised very recently that i have made a dumb link mistake at some site.

Hi Rhett: Thank you for wanting to know more on my profile, but thats not happening in the foreseeable future. These words ARE my profile.

Hi Parry: So true. The question is, Who will bell the cat?

Hi Keshi: Thanks dear. I dont know if it will lead to any real change. But pray that it does.

How do we know said...

hi mayz: Can't agree more.

Hi Does it matter: my guess is, no.

Hi Phos: My money, also, unfortunately, is on Pakistan using them first. But this is checkmate, unless we change the game entirely. we lost leaders who can do that ages ago.

d gypsy! said...

i wish they listen to us or mebbe we shud speak louder to make ourslves hrd...

How do we know said...

hi gypsy: Speak louder all right.. but kahaan? where? what is the right forum?

Anonymous said...

बस अब और नहीं

अब जब हो चुका मौत का तांडव
अब जब धुल गये हैं लहू के दाग
बुझा दी गई है होटल की आग
और कुचल दिये वोह विषधर नाग

दब्राया सा जीवन अभी फैला ही रहा है अपने पंख (Dabraayaa)
लेकिन आक्रोश का आवेग
महा-आवेग भी ले रहा है करवटें
हमारे इस आक्रोश की बागडोर
हमारे धार्मिक न राजनितिक नेता अपने हाथ मैं लेंगें
इस बार-
इस आक्रोश की बागडोर हम अपने विवेक के हाथ मैं देंगें

कब तक देंगे
विभत्सता का नंगा न्रत्य

कभी हिंदू त्रिशूलों पे उचलते रक्त-रंजित ब्रून (Bhroon)
तो कभी मुसलमान तलवारों से कटती निरीह चातिआं (ChaatiaaN)
कभी बम्बों से क्षत -विक्षत लासन के ढेर (LaashoN)
तो कभी अथासों के मध्यस्त जिंदा जलते हुये लोग

कब तक देखेंगे !

हाँ इस बार यह आक्रोश
बनेगा "बस और नहीं का उद्घोष"
घरना व् धर्म की राजनीति लके ख़िलाफ़
एक स्पष्ट "बस और नहीं "का रोष

बहुत हो चुकी अंधे प्रतिशोध की परम्परा
तोर दी आज हमने इस उन्माद की श्रृंख्ला
धर्मों की सियासत
ज़हर की विरासत
इन सबसे इनकार की आवाज़ है यह-
"नहीं बस और नहीं" का आवाहन
द्रुर इरादे और चेतन विचार (Drur)
लिये है हमारा आक्रोश आज

बम्बों-गोलिओं से मारें मासूमों को जो हतियारय ( Hatayaray)
दंगों मैं खुल कर खेलें जो मौत की होली
या मिशंरिओं पे हों जघन्य अपराध (MishnarioN)
अपने धर्मों के नाम लगें मानवता की बोली
इन सुब्के ख़िलाफ़ है- (Sabkay)
हमारे इस आक्रोश की आवाज़

खुली चेतावनी है यह-
घरना के हर व्यापारी को
न्रशंसता के पुजारी को
किसी भी धरम या विचारधारा के नाम
नहीं सह्येंगे हम कोई भी अब क़त्ल-ऐ-आम

"नहीं बस और नहीं"


Brijinder said...

My poem"Bus ab aur nahiN" is not only about the anger against our leaders but it is also against our deep seated prejudices for each other and our conditioning which make it very difficult to assess the problem honestly.
This voice is equally against the muslim terrorists,hindu killers who roamed in gujrat or killed christian nuns or against the sikh terrorists who used to kill innocent hindus in punjab.I mean we should have that honest voice of sanity rule our minds and hearts.
Brijinder Sagar

How do we know said...

Hi Brijnder: Though I quite liked your poem and tried to write to you once about that, this new comment forces me to also say this:
"I mean we should have that honest voice of sanity rule our minds and hearts."
Personally, i think that we are all converted to this belief. it is time that we insisted on the same sanity in other people also- most noticeably in the terrorists. If sanity is not voluntary, we should drum it into them using the same means that they have used on us. The method is effective. With 26/11, all of us became sane in one day..oops, make that 3 days.

Brijinder said...

Only if it could have been effective.That is a vague talk,my friend.Yes!all say that we should punish terrorist but if you mean that all the muslims are terrorists and so should be murdered,then i can only say that we seriousely need to asses our values.The murders,the genocide in gujrat or the riots in mumbai,the murders of innocent hindues during sikh terrorism,the killings of christian missioneries only strengthen my conviction that hatred is not the solution.And it has never been part of our culture.
Our leaders,from all the parties,are to blame for all the mess and brewing hatred.India need to convey very clearly that it means busniess and will not tolerate any act of terrorism.But they are fumbling at international scene and are not providing open and convining proofs which will force pakistan to take actions aginst those terrorists or which will force all the international community to come jointly behind us.Raise your voice to compel the leaders to come clean and very clear.
My friend,hatred towards any community is not the solution.I hope I made myself clear.