Friday, November 28, 2008



my dear politician:

Terrorism is a combat topic. Keep your traps shut. The only combat you know is the one with your spouse. That experience does not count.

Please stop adding to the mayhem with your visits after the calamity. You only add to the logistical nightmare. Stay right where you are. Give that peanut sized mind a rest. Let the combat people take the necessary decisions.

- The Indian Citizen

Mumbai is not a stand alone incident. the venue has changed from Hazratbal to Mumbai. When Srinagar or Mizoram burns the country does not go into a tizzy. We should. We should protest the first atrocity to prevent the second.

Why did we not get on the media's neck to ask, "where were you when there were terror atrocities in the rest of the country? Why were you worrying abt Raju Shrivastava?" Why were we reading the gossip section before the national affairs section?

I second Tata Tea - Jaago Re. It's time to stop blaming. its also time to stop thinking "This is about someone else."


Edited to add: Isn't there such a thing as "Internal Security Threat" that allows us to declare an Emergency, go hammer and tongs after every lead, and do total pest control in this country?

Much as I hated her, at times like this, I miss Indira Gandhi. She could take a difficult decision. And Act on it.


Part XVIII of the constitution permits the state to suspend various civil liberties and the application of certain federal principles during presidentially proclaimed states of emergency. The constitution provides for three categories of emergencies: a threat by "war or external aggression" or by "internal disturbances"; a "failure of constitutional machinery" in the country or in a state; and a threat to the financial security or credit of the nation or a part of it. Under the first two categories, the Fundamental Rights, with the exception of protection of life and personal liberty, may be suspended, and federal principles may be rendered inoperative. A proclamation of a state of emergency lapses after two months if not approved by both houses of Parliament.

Two months. Enough Time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some days
are days
of easy bargains
when smiles
go cheap
just because
they are over-supplied

And some days
are days of auction
the mundane pains
bring a fortune
just because
people like
a little pickle
with their food.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dedicated to Twisted DNA's post

This post is dedicated to TDNA’s latest post.

Course: Husbands/ BFs/Something in between 101.
Course Duration: All your life, or till divorce do us apart.. or …

Chapter 1:

When you say: “ How was your day?”
You mean: “Talk to me. Give me more eyeball time than you give to that 30 second TV ad”
What you expect: Him to turn to you, talk about his day and ask about yours.
What you get: “uhhh…. Ok. Pass the beer please” with eyes glued to the TV ad yet.
What you should expect: You should not ask the question. You should not ask for more eyeball time than the TV commercial. He doesn’t give a damn about your day, or his.

When you say: “Hey, you want to watch a movie tonight? Something light?”
You mean: “I am sick of sitting in the same place year after year. Can I see what someplace outside looks like? I will even see a senseless flick if it means getting out of this hole.
What you expect: “Sure. Whatever you want baby.”
What you get: Depending on how miserly he really is, either “Yes, great. How about Star Wars 3?” or “Awww cmon! I want to snuggle into you. Lets order a flick and watch it at home.”
What you should expect: Nothing. You should simply tell him “I am going out for a movie. See you around.”

When you say : “What should I wear for tonight’s party? The blue dress I wore last Sunday or the red dress the Sunday before?”
You mean: “I have worn them both before. I need a new dress."
What you expect: “How can you repeat a dress within a fortnight? Pick up some accessories and we’ll get u a dress on the way.”
What you get: “Whatever baby. They all look nice on you.” Or “Can’t u even pick your own clothes?”
What you should expect: Wear a dress of your choice. Make sure it has a neck low enough to turn other necks at the do. Enjoy the attention. Your man may not remember your dresses. Other people will.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse gender based stereotypes(or any other stereotypes).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

are holy silences

are words
Shot dead.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A tag, and a quiz

Mathew, one of my favorite writers on the blog world, has passed on a tag. Here it comes:

The Tag
Two questions from the past, present and future. Answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere.

Your oldest memories...
Playing with my brother on our terrace. We were both less than 5 years of age.

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was working .. probably one of the best work places of my life. I was friends with Shraddha and Sandhya... easily the most amazing people I have ever known.. at work, or otherwise. November 1998.. oh, and working my heart out for CAT!

In office
What does one do in office? ;-)

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?
Fighting with and worrying over a 15 year old son..reading books, and doing a lot more work for Esha. Still employed (hopefully).

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?
Nothing. What we need for tomorrow we carry in our hearts.

I tag: If you have not already done this, you are tagged. :-) (As usual, i m one of the last to get tagged)

The Quiz
If you think you know a little about Indian folk arts and crafts, here is a quiz created on braingle - my current favorite place for puzzles and trivia.
Indian Folk Crafts
Tell me what you think!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Assam Blasts and more..

Is mass export of population a real problem in Bangladesh ? Yes. We are already surrounded by Bangladeshi migrant labor. There are just so many of them, that there are no local workers left where I live. In effect, we have a situation where all other ethnic classes have been driven out of work by the Bangladeshi migrants. If you have a policy of no migrant workers (as I did), do be prepared to do your own work.

The Guwahati blasts were the work of Bangladesh? For the last few decades, our politicians have been quietly importing Bangladeshis, making their documentation regular, and ensuring that they get the votes in lieu of this “meharbani”. Ditto for ULFA. They have received help in money and material long enough to now be indebted, not in a positive way. It is ok for a Bangladeshi to come and take your job, but not ok for a UPite or a Bihari? What was the ULFA thinking while allowing the mass infiltration? I have never kept much store in the ideological strength of the ULFA. But this is dumb, even for them.

It is the same for India. Wherever you go, you find Indians. Nothing wrong with that in principle. The problem is that we have made population a staple export! And we are doing nothing within the country to contain the population growth.

In a united, open world, people will go from one region to the other to some degree. The problem only arises if the sole, or main contribution of a state becomes its population, and the state is unable to create employment opportunities to match the growth in population, and is unable to do anything in the area of population control.

That is what is wrong with India and Bangladesh. Too many people, too few resources, and things like ethnicity, language, religion become determinants of who should receive the bounty.