Monday, November 03, 2008

Assam Blasts and more..

Is mass export of population a real problem in Bangladesh ? Yes. We are already surrounded by Bangladeshi migrant labor. There are just so many of them, that there are no local workers left where I live. In effect, we have a situation where all other ethnic classes have been driven out of work by the Bangladeshi migrants. If you have a policy of no migrant workers (as I did), do be prepared to do your own work.

The Guwahati blasts were the work of Bangladesh? For the last few decades, our politicians have been quietly importing Bangladeshis, making their documentation regular, and ensuring that they get the votes in lieu of this “meharbani”. Ditto for ULFA. They have received help in money and material long enough to now be indebted, not in a positive way. It is ok for a Bangladeshi to come and take your job, but not ok for a UPite or a Bihari? What was the ULFA thinking while allowing the mass infiltration? I have never kept much store in the ideological strength of the ULFA. But this is dumb, even for them.

It is the same for India. Wherever you go, you find Indians. Nothing wrong with that in principle. The problem is that we have made population a staple export! And we are doing nothing within the country to contain the population growth.

In a united, open world, people will go from one region to the other to some degree. The problem only arises if the sole, or main contribution of a state becomes its population, and the state is unable to create employment opportunities to match the growth in population, and is unable to do anything in the area of population control.

That is what is wrong with India and Bangladesh. Too many people, too few resources, and things like ethnicity, language, religion become determinants of who should receive the bounty.


NI said...

Do you happen to live in Bengal! :P

Jokes apart, I agree, mostly, except that situation in Bangladesh is much worse than in India, but then that is evident to everyone. As for ULFA , I think they did the 'come ox kill me' thing, it is going to bite them for long time now.

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

totally agreed....

Mampi said...

Such problems will continue as long as we have the politicians mentioned in para 2 of your post.

Think Tank said...

i thot i was d only person worried about this dumb population explosion ..y do ppl luv producin sooooo many kids? wen dere r so many homeless ones out there to giv a life to?

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Keshi said...

Sri Lanka consists of only 2 major ethnicities...Tamil n Sinhalese..and still they r at war for 20+ years. I dun u'stand why.


Does it matter said...


And we are hypocrites as usual. If Indians go to the US/ UK, the Visa restrictions & racial discrimination hurts us.

But if the Ulfa (or MNS, take yr pick) does it to North Indians, it is justifiable?

San said...

having brought up around the country (india) since my father was a central govt. employee who used to get transferred every 3 years, i don't understand this migration issue..

i understand national borders.. but work-mobility restrictions within the same nation..? will we go down to district borders and then to the city borders..?

if bihar cannot support biharis, beat up the bihari govt! the poor bihari is only trying to give his hard work where it will be rewarded so that he can make a living!.. what's wrong with migrant workers?!

i categorically employ Nepali servant maids because of their honesty and dedication - have had many bad experiences with locals. survival of the fittest -
human species would have never evolved if not for migration..

San said...

as a solution, i suggest a human trade pact.(doesn't that sound glorious!)

For every migrant out of a state, let the sending state pay a 'proof of my inefficiency' tax to the receiving state. Let this revenue be disbursed to the locals in the receiving state as a 'your last opportunity to compete with the migrants' benefit.

Anonymous said...

Great right up-I totally agree with your viewpoint.I really liked the line-'Indians have made population a staple export'. Stark statement of fact!

How do we know said...

hi ni: No, i do not live in Bengal. :-) i love the "come ox kill me" translation!

Hi v: :-)

Hi mampi: Yes, but its not just the politicians. Other than Lalu Yadav, no one else has 9 kids. Its the rest of us who are creating the population.

Hi think tank: Oh man! I am wondering when we will bang ourselves on the head and realise that our biggest problem is that we have more men than mountains to support them.

Hi hobo: :-) thanks.

Hi keshi: They fight bcs it hasnt occured to them that the land has enough to share, not enuf for strife. in short, they are dumb.

Hi does it matter: No kind of discrimination that is based on ethnic background is acceptable. In a world full of greys, that is one black and white that we can afford sometimes.

Hi san: :-) you and i have discussed this, but i m still ROTFL on the way you finally worded that idea.. "super!!" does it!

Hi kiran: thank you. And i was hoping somewill will notice the stark reality of that statement.. so its a double thank you!

soulbrush said...

my dear. that is what's wrong with the whole world, too many people, too few resources...this planet is in deep trouble....sigh....

CяŷştąŁ said...

Somehow I feel speechless to the terrorism going on..and I really don't want to critisize the system and I feel lon a flipside..I'm one person who isn't making any difference to this whole crap going why even say anything about it..I feel..though I ain't putting my stuff up here..'cos..err..forget it! but anyway..I couldn't have agreed more..

mathew said...

You are tagged!:-D

The Phosgene Kid said...

We have the same problem with Mexicans as far as the labor force goes. Greedy companies replace expensive American labor with illegal Mexican immigrants, or move their business to countries with a more exploitable population, who'll work for a fraction of what the company would have OT pay American labor - countries such as India, China,or Indonesia.

The 1HB1 resolution allows companies to import the best and brightest from other countries, have their American workers train them and then fire the Americans, because they pay the newly arrived technicians a fraction of what they were paying the Americans that trained them. This is draining countries like India of a lot of talented people.

Everyoen shoudl haev a rihgt to a good living in their own country. Mexican illegals travel across dangerous desert, often in the hands of ruthless human smugglers just so they can feed their families. Their Government needs to step up and ensure Mexican companies provide jobs and a decent living for their population. They have not done so because the government is riddled with graft and corruption, the representatives of the people are just out for themselves, even cutting deals with drug cartels and providing military support for drug runners.

It is time such as htese where revolution is justified, but a revolution that puts the peopel bqakc in charge, not just one despot, like Hugo Chavez of Venezuala.

I ahev nothign against Indians taking the jobs they are offered, they have a right to feed adn care for their families, but the export of American jobs has got to be stopped. We are on the brink of annihilating the middle class in America so a few corporate CEOs can line their pockets - they are aided and abetted by our government. Sad times for everyone and I don't see the Democrats changing anything. All the election means is we have we masters and a different set of hands in the till.

How do we know said...

Hi soulbrush: So rightly said.

Hi Crystal: Agreed, we can't do a thing except talk to ppl around us, and try and educate them about simple things.. like the no. of children u have should be a function of the no. of pieces you want to divide your land into, not a function of how many farm hands you want.. we can try, Crystal, we really can.

Hi Mathew: Coming up!

Hi Phos: I soo agree... strange as it may sound, i do agree, in spite of being an Indian, that it is not right to outsource American jobs to India when there are so many other cost cutting measures available. Cutting fat top salaries being one of them. There is a price to talent, but that is different from a price cartel for top talent. That is unethical. Mexico, India, Bangladesh.. there are multiple examples, which is sad, but what is more sad is that no one is holding these governments responsible for what should be a basic administrative task.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Why should an Indian in India make less than an Indian in America doing the same job or an Indian in America be paid less than an American counter part - now that is wicked!Both deserve to make a good living, not be exploited by corporations.

Wicked Phos...

Manish Raj said...


Tell you any context this is much more complicated than it appears..

Let me try my point:

1. A politician today thinks anything he does that may add his vote bank is justified.

2. A company today thinks anything they do to maximise the net profit is justfied.

3. A common man today thinks anything that does not impact him is either insignificant or is only a public spectacle.

But we bloggers are surely a step ahead.

Let us decide to carry our thoughts in action; and vow to change just one life or bring just one good impact around us.

Socialogical changes are slow and often subconscious but it requires mindset like ours to grow.

A very good attempt HDWK. Keep creating ripples...we will soon become a wave...and finally a tide that we chage the world, again.

God bless you

The Phosgene Kid said...

What's up?

How do we know said...

Hi Phos: I've been thinking of what to post next! :-) Hows the backyard hunting going?

Hi Manish: That is so well put!(the first part of ur comment). Re. making a wave.. we can talk..and we can try.. that we do not stop doing :-) Thank you!

Keshi said...

** They fight bcs it hasnt occured to them that the land has enough to share, not enuf for strife.

so true!

**in short, they are dumb.

LOL! I always say that too hahaha!


Seraphine said...

i think all people have similar hopes: to find love, to live in peace, to live a nice life, to make life better for our children.
to do so, we all need to learn to live together.
and the things you say are true. unplanned population growth is a serious burden on resources.

How do we know said...

Hi Seraphine: thank you!