Sunday, June 06, 2021

Book review: Quotations for our time, compiled by Dr. Laurence Peter

Phew! What a book! 

A book of quotations rarely deserves a review for itself. But this one is truly special. The difference that a curator makes to a collection can only be appreciated when we read something that is superlatively compiled. This is that rare book of quotations that is superlatively compiled. 

I am a sucker for quotes and suffice to say that I have read plenty of quote compilations. And while every editor does a good job, this one truly, truly stands out. 

1. First, the size. 5000 quotes is not a joke. 

2. The quality of content. This book has content that we can now read with the advantage of hindsight. And its amazing how right the naysayers were and how wrong the promoters turned out to me. All the warnings were given, and obviously ignored. We ended up with exactly what the warning implied and it was not good. But the foresight of those warnings. Someone had to dig them up, organise and publish them. 

3. The contraditions and the repeats - if two ppl have said the same thing at any time, we will hear about it here. 

4. The author's comments - the BEST part of the book are these bracketed quotes which are the author's comments. They make the book hilarious in some parts. 

What didn'twork 

Its good as a reference book, but I was reading it as a book, and that can get tedious and intellectually tiring at times. This book was read over many pauses for over a month. 

There are some repeats

And also, some cases where the author's better judgement either worked too well or left him entirely. 

Saturday, June 05, 2021

The day i lost respect for PV Narsimha Rao

 So,  we started watching Scam 1992 and then The Big Bull. Then Googled who the PM was who was in the pocket of Harshad Mehta. 

Realised it was PV Narsimha Rao. 

And that,  is how i lost all respect for PV Narsimha Rao. 

I really was stupid enough to think he was not corrupt. He was a Congress PM. Even a Prince,  when he becomes a Congress CM, cannot stop selling the vaccines that he bought under govt procurement to private hospitals.  

Friday, June 04, 2021

Five Awesome Netflix documentaries to watch

1. Spycraft - if you like espionage this is one of the best that i have seen. 

2. Inside Job - on the 2008 crisis, but with the macro view that is usually missing. 

3. The Great Hack -  The documentary that explains the Cambridge Analytica phenomenon. 

4. The Social Dilemma - The documentary that explains social media addiction - how it works, how pervasive it already is. 

5. Bad Boy Billionaires - I loved this documentary because the popular discourse is that these businessmen were fraudsters to start with. But when you see this documentary, you realise that its a nuanced story each time. They were riding a tiger, or just plain vilified. 

Sunday, May 23, 2021


Attempted Dohas. The thoughts are not first timers, the expression has been tried before, but I have never been able to get them right. So, am grateful that one could get them.

 मेरी अपनी धरती, मेरे हिस्से का आकाश 

सेठ से जब मिलेगा, जब बही पाएँ बाँच। 


छोटी सी चिरैया , जाती अपने देस 

तुम्हारा सोना कनक, मेरा हरा हेम। 

* कनक has two meanings - wheat, and the golden colour. 


पीड़ा को पीड़ा मिले, कर कर लंबे हाथ 

धन को आ कर धन मिले, सबको प्यारा साथ। 

साध को मिलती सिद्ध, हम को मिलता ज्ञान 

बच्चे को मीठा मिले, आनंद एक समान। 


आनंद की खान है, भोली तोतली बात 

दादी माँ सी सीख है, दादी जैसे दांत। 


One series was actually a dohavali from which i removed a few in the list above. THe whole thing is here: 


पीड़ा को पीड़ा मिले, कर कर लंबे हाथ 

धन को आ कर धन मिले, सबको प्यारा साथ। 

सबको प्यारा साथ सखी, अखरे हर एकांत 

कच्चा-पक्का ही सही, प्रीत का धागा बांध। 


प्रीत का धागा बांध प्रिये,  किछु न जाए साथ 

प्रीत की भर कर पोटली, हाथ में रखता साध। 

साध को मिलती सिद्ध सखी, हम को मिलता ज्ञान 

बच्चे को मीठा मिले, आनंद एक समान। 


Monday, May 17, 2021

How does the soul leave the body?

Today, in meditation, i asked for guidance on how to leave the body. The Tibetan Buddhists have kept that practice alive but we don't seem to have that in our practices any more. 

Here is how it goes: 

You can expand your soul at any time. Your soul is not limited to this body. At the same time, your soul can be in your body and can surround it (this happened). 

Your soul can be here and can encompass an area as large as you'd like. The soul is not limited. It is infinite and not bound by the laws of Physics. (i did not experience this stretch) 

When the soul leaves the body, it is not upwards from the feet, as is usually believed. Slowly, it detaches itself from the body - starting with the skin. When you cook masala, you see that a well cooked masala leaves the bowl on its own. There is no pressure, no force, no residue on the pan.  It is exactly the same with the soul. In a ready soul, it detaches itself easily and with love from the body. An attached soul feels force, and therefore, pain. An attached soul resists, leading to friction, which also causes pain. The process of leaving the body, when one is ready, is beautiful, peaceful, and completely painless. It happens around us every day, and yet we do not notice. 

How does the soul then leave the body? 

The soul leaves the body either through the crown chakra, or the heart chakra, or the root chakra, depending on the nature and life of the person. Rarely, it also uses the stomach chakra. It can use more than one chakra, but that is not the usual practice, and the soul always assimilates above the body. All souls, when they are done, even the tormented ones, wait for a while above the body and thank it for its service. The body is bound by the laws of the physical world and must remain in this realm. But at this time, the consciousness of the body, no matter how miniscule, does accept the gratitude of the soul. At this moment, the body is the benefactor and the soul is the beneficiary. The body has selflessly allowed the soul to experience this physical world for a period of time. 

Only after this gratitude to the body does the soul go on its onward journey. From here, the journey that you somewhat aware of begins. 

What happens to tormented souls or souls who are still attached to the physical world? 

They leave the physical world only when they are ready. But the reason is not always attachment only. Sometimes, a soul has to be guardian to another soul. In that case, even if an even makes it impossible for the soul to have a physical body, the soul can remain in the physical world if it so desires. 

There is never any rush or pressure to return or to come away from the physical world. Nor is the physical world inaccessible between births. Think of it as two neighbouring countries. We live in one, but we visit the other at will. That is how physical souls visit the realm and the realm souls come back to check on their loved ones or protect them whenever they want. 

What about reincarnation? 

Only the physical body soul has forgotten the past. The soul remembers. It does not remember the specifics. But it carries forward the spiritual knowledge and some part of physical knowledge as well. Your spiritual knowledge is never forgotten. It cannot be forgotten. 

Do souls sometimes come back to a lower level? 

There is no upper and lower level. To a molecule of water, what is up? A spot near the top of the bucket, or on the sides? We all learn and assimilate. All levels and all layers have their use. Some are kinder, some are more cruel. They are both valuable. The more we know, the kinder we become, the more our propensity to help and make other souls feel good. It is not superior or inferior. I have told you this before also. Every speck of dust, every atom, every quark, every tormented soul, has its place in the world. 

And that is the lesson from today :) 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Monday, May 10, 2021

Lockdown par Kshanikaayein

 ज़बरदस्ती के दूर रहने ने 

पास आना सिखा दिया देखो 


गंध और सांस किस गिनती में थे

कैसा सिक्का जमा दिया देखो! 


 इसका, उसका, ये क्या हिमाकत है

सबको अपना बना दिया देखो। 


Thursday, May 06, 2021

On being a channel

To be a channel, you have to be निरासक्त - completely not attached to the family/person that you are helping. 

A pipe does not keep any water or anything that it is channelling. If it does, we say it is dirty and don't use it until it is cleaned and is able to completely transfer its contents. It is the same with being a channel of prayers. You send prayers and you transmit healing or benediction. If you are not doing that cleanly, if there is even a little bit of attachment, the pipe and the channel need to be cleaned. 

The water pipe does not see where the water is coming from, and it does not see what happens to the water after it leaves the pipe. It is natural to wonder. It is not natural to worry. It is definitely not ok to grieve if the water is not used properly. 

Monday, May 03, 2021

Pralay par Kshanikaayein

धरती रहती है 


प्रलय न रही 

न रहती 



घड़ी का घंटा 

सृजन , जीवन 

कालचक्र - 

निरंतर और 



On why I talk of hope even in these times 

मैं दीपक हूँ 

आकाश को 

प्रज्वलित नहीं कर सकता 

मैं दीपक हूँ 


नहीं दे सकता