Friday, September 22, 2017

हम से मिलने की दुआ करते
फैज़ इतने वो कब हमारे थे ?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lawyer Rohit Krishna Mahanta

Sometime in mid September, 2 documentary students were working near AIIMS. It was 1 am and they felt like having paranthas. They headed to a nearby stall. AIIMS is well populated and well lit all the time.

Something happened at this stall. Some reports say that they tried to save a man who was already being troubled by Rohit Krishna Mahanta, who was dead drunk at the time. Some say that they requested him to not smoke and he started abusing them and their religion. Either way, the 2 students left the scene soon after. But the drunk Rohit Krishna Mahanta would have none of it. He took his car, followed these two, rammed the car into their bike, and then dragged them on the road. He also hit 2 other vehicles after that, but he deliberately murdered only these 2.

Make no mistake - this was a hate crime directed against their religion. Gurpreet Singh's father indicated that Rohit Krishna Mahanta also blew smoke balls in their faces deliberately. He made statements like, "In Assam, I would have you killed and no one would know."

Why am I writing this? Because obviously, Rohit Krishna Mahanta is a man drunk on power. His father is a visiting faculty at IIT Delhi. He knows, even when he is drunk, that he can get people killed at will - Assam or Delhi makes no difference. So he will get out. Then he will go on to finish his Law degree, and he will become a lawyer. I hope that one day, when you are looking for him, google will bring you to this page. And you will see what he is really like.

He has not been arrested yet. Because he has also "sustained injuries" and is "undergoing treatment". However, he was well enough to be "released on bail" earlier. He is practising under a standing Counsel for the Assam government.

Friday, September 15, 2017

New Taxation that I would like to see

Everyone is saying that Income Tax rates are too high. I agree. I believe it is time to move from individual earning taxation to taxing on the basis of the burden an individual puts on the ecosystem.

So these are the 2 taxes I want:
1. Children Tax: The state allows you to have 2 children. You want more than that, you better be able to afford them and compensate for their carbon footprint on the world.

There's more: In a Christian wedding, before you get married, you have to undergo mandatory counselling in the church. I believe this is an excellent way to prepare people for life changes. There should be a mandatory mental fitness test that parents should have to pass before they have children. This will put an end to people who have kids just to get rid of pesky relatives. If you don't have it in you to be responsible for a child for 18 years, then please don't have children.

While adoptive parents have to prove a thousand things, the State takes no measures to ensure the safety and well being of biologically born children. If a couple is not fit to be a parent - they should not be allowed to have children. Because children are a nation's collective resource. And no child should be abused or ignored by indifferent parenting. Parenting is not a right or a fertility contest. Its a responsibility. If you can't take it, have the courage to tell your families. And to yourself.

2. Trash Tax: A person should be taxed on the basis of how much trash they generate. Commercial establishments too. This will ensure that 5 star hotels start serving their guests water in glass tumblers instead of generating plastic waste for every 200 ml of water their guests drink. This will ensure that people think before they buy. A mindful consumer will be rewarded in this way and the environment will be automatically better. Amazon will start shipping in containers that actually match the product being shipped. And people will learn to not waste food. If you do not do waste segregation at source, you should have to pay extra because someone else has to do it for you.

The Trash Tax will reduce consumerism, and therefore, will be bitterly opposed by the major companies of the world. I think it is time we decided, as a species, which we need more - the world, or the  growth of the companies.

The world has enough for our need, not enough for our greed. - This quote is usually attributed to Gandhi.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


They printed it in the newspapers today
"Loneliness is fatal"
the headlines screamed

From the grave
I whispered,
"I know."

WHo were the bullies in Pathways Noida? Faizal Wani and Sahil

It was a guy called Faizal Wani and a guy called Sahil.

The fragile egos of the parents have been so proactive that they have immediately removed the hyperlinks that named the children. So I am going to post this in a few days, when their powerful snoops have stopped hounding the namers of their misguided children.

In an earlier post, I have posted the video. Here now is the story in the words of the child who got slapped so hard. Please read the full impact of this action on his life. Since you are a foreign university, you will anyway give admission to these children. And we are very glad that you will. This is precisely the kind of scum of the earth that we want to get rid of. Do us a favour - their parents are rich enough to buy citizenship in Canada or Switzerland. Please convince them to do that also. Losing the money is a very small price to pay to get rid of people like this. They are a walking (sorry, driving) threat to the rest of us.

I can bet that within 10 years from now, these children will have bullied their way. They may not have an FIR against their name, but they will have done enough tormenting.

Here is the letter:
Respected Principal, Teachers and my dear friends

I am writing this mail to express my feelings about how my school has handled this situation.

I also want to make it clear that I have forgiven all those who did this to me.

I did not attend today's assembly where kids who bullied me were to apologise to me, because I do not feel safe to walk back in to my own school.

I was slapped 4 / 5 days before this incident by another boy, and I had told the Principal about it. i did not hit back. Despite that, after just 4 / 5 days I was again attacked by a group of my schoolmates.

I have suffered a lot of pain and humiliation over the incident, but I am glad that they have said sorry to me. I hope that they have learnt their lesson and they will not frighten or threaten me or other children in the future.

This was not a "slap bet". I never made a "slap bet" with Faisal or any of the other boys who attacked/filmed me. Sahil made a bet with me, and no one else had anything to do with it.

Yet, my school has issued a public statement that this was a "consensual" slap bet incident between us. They have also said there was no bullying. This was intentional bullying.

I feel really sad to hear that. I feel really ashamed about this incident. They had ganged up on me since that morning, and made me so scared that I had no option but to let him hit me on my face without even flinching. Did you know that before this slap which was caught on video, he had slapped me but I had flinched because I have braces and he knew I have had a surgery in my ear when I was 4, yet he slapped me saying "nothing will happen, chill". Further, he told me that if I did not take the slap without flinching, the situation would be a lot worse.

I was afraid, and I am now ashamed of being afraid. Many people have asked me as to why I did not hit back or try to defend myself. The only answer I have is ‘fear’, the fear of getting hit again and harder. I knew for a fact that things would’ve gone ugly in the washroom. My upbringing has always told me that physical violence is never the right option.

Right after the incident, my mother was not informed about the incident by the School. She got to know about it only when a student sent her the video. She was also made to wait for 30 minutes outside the Principal's office before she could meet me.

I truly love my alma mater and I want to feel secure there. I spend seventy percent of my whole day at school. I hoped that at least my school would protect me and prevent such a thing from happening to me or anyone else. And so I have put my faith in the school.

If I’m not safe at school then there is no other place around where I would be safe.

I’ve always taken my academics seriously and have been doing fairly well at them but when things like these happen, it would definitely leave me traumatised and wouldn’t allow me to focus on the things where I need to.

But I feel most hurt because the school has called this incident "consensual", as if I am somehow to share the blame. I wish my school was more worried about my and other kid's wellbeing, who are bullied. But they have simply said there was no bullying.

I am in physical pain as well. I have been told by the doctor that my ear drum has been perforated with a large hole with internal bleeding. It was also said that I have temporarily lost partial loss of hearing in the left ear. As per the doctor, this should heal in 10-12 weeks. What if it doesn’t ?

I play squash 5 days a week, go for dance twice a week and the gym 3 times a week. The worst part is that I have to give up all of these until I get better. The doctor said that these activities would cause me greater pain and would stall or even stop my recovery. I was scared when the doctor had told me that there are a lot of chances of me losing my hearing permanently. I cried because I was scared and I think anyone else would be too.

Over the last four days I’ve had serious thoughts about quitting the school. However, when I woke up this morning I realised that I’m not the one who resorted to violence, would it be the right thing for me to give up ?

I respect and love my school, and expect that my teachers and friends will do everything possible so that I can come back to school with my head held high. I hope my school will stand by me, and make sure something like this does not happen to any kid in the future.

Yours truly
Rajveer Bansal

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Faizal Wani/ Faisal Wani

Take a look at this:

This is Faizal Wani slapping a surrounded Rajveer Bansal. As a result of this incident, Rajveer lost 25% of hearing in one ear.

The boys were "suspended" for a short time. There is no legal action against them.

Because we have

and this:
Faizal Wani

I am disgusted with this boy and his friends. I hate the whole lot and hope to hell that they die looking at their money burning.

and this isn't the first time. Take a look at this:

Saturday, September 02, 2017

कमल, चल घर चल - Baal Kavita

कमल, चल घर चल

घर में है चमचम
आ खा लें चमचम

चल घर चल

घर में है मलमल
कोमल है मलमल
आ ओढ़ें मलमल

चल घर चल

घर में है धनक
धनक में सब रंग

चल घर चल। 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

पेड़ / Trees

हरे हरे हरियाले पेड़
आँखों को लगें प्यारे पेड़

फूल, फल, छाया और लकड़ी
कितना सब दे जाते पेड़

वन से वायु, वन से वृष्टि
आओ हम सब लगाएं पेड़

Monday, August 28, 2017

Love: I

I have learnt
that love
is like sunshine.
You don't have to do anything to get it
opening the doors and windows
of the heart.
And if you don't,
It will warm the heart
from the outside
awaiting its time
day after day.