Wednesday, September 06, 2006

M Back!!

In Class 7, the kid moved to a new school. And hated Physics. And Chemistry. The Physics and Chemistry teacher would ask the kid a question in class. The kid would stand up and say “I don’t know.” The teacher would not punish or shout, or ask why. The teacher would ask her to sit down, and then say loudly, to no one in particular, but with total conviction in her voice: “She knows, she is just not able to say the answer right now.”

The teacher did that for 3 years. Then, it was Class X. The kid finally opened her books to read Physics and Chemistry. The kid studied, made notes, and kept at it till the subject was friends with her and vice versa.

On the day of the annual(board) exam, the kid had a fight with her brother, and the brother hid her Physics and Chemistry textbook so she would fail. The kid went to her exam with only as much as she had read upto the fight. She passed with 75% marks in the subject, way more than the 40 % that she had scored consistently for 3 years.

Thank you, Mrs. Manickam, for the silent faith that lasted 3 years. Happy Teachers' Day!!

PS: In India, September 5 is Teachers' Day.


Z said...

Happy Teacher's Day, Mrs Manickam.

And all the teachers like you.

Did I tell you, there are three rules at our village school - Be polite, Be kind, Work hard.

Says it all really, or nearly all!

Wriju said...

Wow she is truly amazing. I have never seen a teacher with so much patience.
My chemistry teacher made sure I lost all interest in the subject! But I have had my share of good teachers :-)
Happy Teacher's Day!

Aradhna said...

Happy Teachers day!

With Best regards to my fav trainer.

Tanvi said...

no green fields...but this is so much better!
Who on Earth could ever think I would miss my teachers some day!

Happy Teacher's day.

Trailady said...

Teachers are very special, indeed!!

Thanks for visiting my blog. :o)

sophie said...

Happy teacher's day Mrs.

I was just like you!!!
And i had my very own Mrs.
Manickam so i really loved
your post.


White Forest said...

gud old memories...:)

Happy Teachers day to all teachers :D

itchingtowrite said...

that was nice... showed how much u studied teh subject & not just parrot learnt it! u must be having good basics...
nice post on "whether u r a gal or guy" . may b once i read all ur posts i cud hazard a guess.

How do we know said...

Dear Zoe: Yes, says it all.. because if one sticks to doing these, life will be so much better!

Hi Wriju: She is, isn't she!What did your Chemistry teacher do?

Hi Aradhna: Am sure it makes your favorite trainer's day!! :-)

Hi Tanvi: Thanks a ton dear!! :-)

Hi Trailady: I still like the point you made in that post.

Hi Sophie: Am soo glad you understand how much it meant when I realised what she had done.. it took years to realise!!

Hi White Forest: They are heartwarming!!

Hi Itchingtowrite: I've been tracking your comments on some blogs for a while now.. and have been a silent visitor to yours once in a while.. Welcome to my blog! :-)

One always did learn to understand the aunt cum mother taught me prety early that I could either have her affection or parrot learn my subjects :-) and she was sharp!! She could always tell when I'd learnt by rote. The result: A poor memory, and a sharp ability to "derve" rather than "remember"!

Has to be me said...

Well done! Hats off 2 ur teacher as well. BTW, I hate physics! ;)

MellowDrama said...

Very nice, I would love to get in touch with some of my old teachers, like this one Math teacher who pulled me up from my average 60's to 90's. Yup, faith, that is what is important! I am sure I would be nowhere if she didn't believe in me. Thanks for the post and the trip down memory lane

Twisted DNA said...

Wonderfully told story! A nice tribute for you teacher. It's rare to see such wonderful teachers

Wriju said...

He slapped me in 11th grade! My first and only one till date. What happened after that is another story that will take more than a few words to narrate.

And when are we going to hear from you again?

Wild Reeds said...

Wow. Very touching.

Wild Reeds said...
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Wild Reeds said...
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Deepa said...

Well all my music teachers in school used to love me..but my Fav teacher was RM singh mam..she was a personality in herself..i used to look upto her and copy the way she spoke and all..i owe watever lil i write to her..she was so much convinced that i can write well that she gave me opportunities in the school assembly to narrate wat i had written..i wrote a secret peom for her..gave it to her when i left school..didnt want her to think i am doing all this for marks..she was in tears..i can never forget that moment ever..
else i was a hard nut to crack for my teachers..;-)

Aradhna said...

I also wanted to make another day for you but you didnt let me,
check out on my blog what all you missed.

How do we know said...

Hi Has to be me: I also could not love the subject beyond Class X, esp as Mrs. Manickam woucl not have taught us in the senior school!

Hi Mellowdrama: Any Time.. and i liked reading your story too! :-)

Hi twisted DNA: Thanks!!

Hi Wriju: Wow!! Your only slap, and it waited till Class XI! Be my guest, and do write out in as much detail as it takes, bcs we want to know!

Wild Reeds: Thank you.

Hi Deepa: Wow! You put that story vey well !!

Hi Aradhna: Welcome back to Blogworld! Chhut-ti kahaan hai ye kaafir munh se lagi hui! More on your blog please!

vibhor said...

hi dear,
how sweet ur teacher is.
is wishe i could have get one..
have a great day.

Known Stranger said...

i dont know if the student you refer is you ?

teachers day... hmmmm i wish the nature - my best teacher who taught me , teaching me, will teach me how to perish in peace.

V N said...

Thats a great tribute!
Was sick, and hence late to acknowledge!


How do we know said...

Hi Vibhor: Yes. she was very sweet, very unassuming.. thats the best thing about teachers.. they never realise that they are influencing a whole generation!

Hi Known Stranger: Yes, this is a tribute to my teacher.

Hi Velu: Was waiting for ur comment! Thank you!!

Anks said...

Truly amazing... Read it now, so happy belated teacher's day to Mrs Manickam & to all my teachers in life... who taught me & in future also would keep learning.... Life is the biggest teacher...

Jubilant said...

Great post... guess most of us have mentors like Mrs. Manickam who made us what we are!

How do we know said...

Hi Anks: Welcome to z blog! Life is the best teacher, but the school fees is very high! :-)

Hi Jubilant: Long time! Are you back to writing on the blog again? Will presently go to your space and check!
I had some other such mentors too.. and will perhaps post about them soon!

Di said...

seriously..sometimes all we need is that one person to believe in us.. :)

How do we know said...

hi Di: true. :-)

Shreemoyee said...

Wow. You seem to have had such a nice teacher.

Mampi said...

amazing tribute to an amazing teacher
and i m really grateful to see a grateful student remembering a good teacher.

Frog-in-the-Well said...

Love your honesty and your honest respect and gratefulness