Friday, September 01, 2006

First, I’m sorry for the last 2 posts(they’re no longer visible). They were valid ideas, but empty.

I have an actionable in mind because of those posts(and the comments on them). However, at the moment, there is no courage to take it forward. Hence the thread of thought is aborted.

And we try another track.


Will come back when there is something to say.


Z said...

I leave you for one day - and I have no idea what you are talking about. *Sigh*

You could try talking nonsense like me?

No, you're too good a writer for that.

See you soon!

sophie said...

silence is wondrous and
incubates ideas into fossil gems.

Tanvi said...

Don't be disappointing your new reader for long,please.

dOne said...

I invariably reach at book store after the book is banned.

How do we know said...

Hi Zoe: No, this silence is for much longer methinks... and you definitely do not write nonsense.. i REALLY like reading what you write.. :-)
I will be around, reading.. commmenting maybe..
And Zoe, one more time, Thank You! This is a difficult time for me, and I could def use your wisdom.

Hi Sophie: true.

Hi Tanvi: Thank you so very much for being my new reader, but perhaps you have reached the wrong place. In a cul de sac, one gets no openings to rainbows, and no green fields beyond.

Hi done: Never mind reaching the bookstore.. this was pulp fiction or worse :-)

Z said...

honey, do you want to talk? You can email me on if you like. But I won't be offended if you decide not to.


Known Stranger said...

is it ? hmmm

It is interesting to listen to ones silence

Tanvi said...

Rainbows or no rainbows...fields or no fields...even if it's a cul de sac, I definitely don't want it to be called the wrong place.
Prefer silence for as long as you will but remember that your new reader is still waiting :)

Aradhna said...

This is not done!

You got me into this and now leaving? Why miss? I didnt read the last two posts, so I dont know what happenned but I know your resilience.

Neha said... idea wats going on here...wats on?

Wriju said...

A profound post :-)

How do we know said...

hi Zoe: Thanks! Things are much better now.. but I will take the liberty of writing if the need arises again.. :-)

Hi Known Stranger: Yes, so it is.

Hi Tanvi: That comment made yours truly hajaar happy!! Thank you! And yes.. the blog is back!!

Hi Aradhna: What? You left within the month!! Any case, you're dead right about the resilience bit.. Saans lena bhi kaisi aadat hai!!

Hi Neha: Actually, even I have no idea what REALLY happened! And then, Teachers Day Happened. The germ of an idea in my mind is still there. So you might see another surprising post soon!

Hi Wriju: :-) And how is this profound?

Neha said...

really nice!! there r some ppl who come into ur life and touch u in a way u never forget...

i'm doing ok :-)
thought id drop in a mail...but i dont hv ur email id!