Thursday, January 22, 2009

Person on blog and blogger in person..

There are 3 tags to this post, so please do mention in the comment which tag you are responding to.
Tag1: Have you ever met a fellow blogger for the first time, and thought "Oh, I expected him/her to be different." What did you expect, and what did you see..
Tag 2: Suppose someone you know passess on the url of their blog, and you go visiting. Have you ever been surprised at the person who appears in that blog? What surprised you? How was it different from what you knew of the person already?

Tag 3: If you know me personally, how is the person who appears in this blog, different from what you know of me.. (obviously, you can only do this if you know me personally. Otherwise, guess away and i'd like to hear that too. Your comment can go "In the blog you appear to be ___ , but i think in real life you are more like ___. ")

When you answer, telling us the name of the blogger/person is purely optional, but highly desirable. :-)

Tag 4: In my next post, would u like me to answer Tag 3 for you? (If i know u personally, that is) . If Yes: Please let me know in the comments section.
PS: This tag has a very interesting story behind it, but we'll leave that for another post. Look forward to hearing from you.


D said...

Ouch! I'm not qualified to answer any of those questions :( Can you come up with another tag for me pls?

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

I hvnt met a single blogger in person, except a friend of a blog-mate. This person came down to Sydney from Mumbai and my blog-mate sent me a pressie thru her. So I met her and had coffee. :) it was really nice even tho this was just a friend of my friend. I cud still feel the love and connection of my blog-mate thru this person!

Actually, net or not, ppl r all the same. If someone is faking it, its so easy to SEE.


Artnavy said...

did 1 and 2

hitch writer said...

I am not qualified to do any of the tags.

But one friend did tell me that when he reads my blog he doesnt feel it is me !!

Maybe i need to probe him further !! to ask what he meant !!

Balvinder Singh said...

None of the above, have'nt met any of the blogger friends so far.

But yes spoken to one on phone and the conversation and the voice matched her personality on the blog 100 %.

Oreen said...

problem is, most of the bloggers that I met were friends before we started blogging. titin, velvetgunther, nomoreenchanteddays are the ones that come to mind.

i guess i will meet mampi and maheshinder, pinku & parry when i come over to delhi this year...

will answer your query then.

mayz said...

yeah have met a few blogger frenz of mine n it was pretty amazin...nah didnt feel different...they were jus d same person i had admired over d blogs...infact if anythin they were even better in person

Balvinder Singh said...

On the occasion of the Republic Day of our country, i take this opportunity to present this award to my blogger friends who have made a difference by writing their frank opinions in their blogs as well, as in the comment columns of other blogs. These bloggers have not written any sensational or luscious stories to attract traffic to their blogs, but they have put down in prose as well, as verse, whatever they have felt strongly about, may it be about their personal lives or about a burning issue of the society. The sole purpose of their writing has been to make a difference. I wish that their ideas may fructify and bring a change in the society for better. I salute them all.
Please pick up your award from my blog.

zirelda said...

I work with a guy who blogs and was very surprised to find his blog full of wonderful oil paintings that he does.

Yes, to number two.

Seema said...

ye acchi post hai.. majja aayega :P.. I can answer only for tag 3, that too partially as i know very li'l about ur blog..
1) I like to argue with you more on blog than in person :).. You don't let me speak at all when I meet you, especially when it comes to some hot arguments..
2) I always expected your blog to be highly intellectual full of stuff that doesn't interest me much, like law, finance, books etc. (coz that's how I know you in person), but it was pleasantly surprising to see a lot of other stuff too that i enjoyed reading a lot :)
3) I know that u r highly emotional, and I found you the same on ur blog :).
Chal, bahut ho gaya.. baaki milne par batati hun :D

Anonymous said...

Re.: 1st tag.
My wish is to meet bloggers personally but yes, I do not have any expectation. To meet someone you know through blog is a different experience always but yes one should not have any expectation.
I wish my dream to come true.

Anonymous said...

I am yet to meet any blogger friends but it would be really interesting to do so, maybe have a bloggers meet some day :)

Manish Raj said...

a) Tag 4 : Answer Tag 3 for me.

b) Tag 3 : With your blogs no one can see how naughty are your eyes..

Agnes said...

This is interesting.
tag #2 -- I have a close friend who blogs and we read each other's blog. I love his blog and he writes the same way as he speaks, very, very nicely.
Nothing about his blog is fake, in fact his is one of my very favorite blogs.

maheshinder_singh said...

Tag 1: I didn’t expect anything except thinking that I will be meeting intellectual people and in that I was totally right.
Tag 3: Having met you personally, I found you to be a pleasant and caring person. Reason being, you take special care to ensure the comfort of people around you. I see the softness of words in both blog and blogger.Thus I find no difference between the two.
Tag 4: I have no objections.

How do we know said...

Hi D: :-) i can come up with a small homework.. meet other bloggers.. for just the novelty factor involved.. of course, only if you'd like to. i can think up tags faster than i can think up posts.. so yes, one tag is coming up for u! :-)

Hi Keshi: Oh, thats so sweet!! I was surprised to know u havent met anyone.. i thot u had a biggest blog friends list ever! :-)

Hi Artnavy: Thank you, and i loved the tag.

Hi hitchwriter: Yes, please do probe further and then let us know.. i will be waiting, seriously(even if there is another post here, do write in to this post )

Hi Balvinder: Thank u a whole lot for the citation.
And thank you also for doing the tag!

Hi Oreen: Oh, u can also meet me! Anyway, so, ur friends whose blogs u read.. were there any surprises?

Hi mayz: aah. great! and u r lucky.
On another note, hope ur friend is doing better now. Pls do keep us posted.

Hi zirelda: hey that must have been nice!

Hi Seema: hey bhagwan! tu to hamesha hi shocker daalti hai.. main is comment ko padh kar sadme se abhi tak ubari nahi hoon.. with u i have done the most bindaas masti in my life(while sober, that is) .. aur tere ko lagta hai main serious hoon! mera koi future nahi hai!! (exits in Mala Sinha style)

How do we know said...

Hi Hobo: Amen!!

Hi Rakesh: maybe u cld have a Dubai meet!

Hi Manish: Tag 4 coming up! And thank you... that part is true..

Hi Agnes: Aah.. thats nice. But i wasnt just talking abt faking. I was also talking abt facets of personality being more obvious on the blog and in person. :-)

Hi Inder: Intellectual? Now this is a surprise.. the 3 of us goofing off on that day will be honored to hear this word.. Thank you one more time!
And thank you for all the compliments in Tag 3. I had no idea i come across as a soft and nice person. u just made my day!! :-)) (grinning from ear to ear and unable to stop)

EXSENO said...

#2 and friend of my daughters. She is so sweet and smiles and seems happy, but blog was sad and unhappy. I surprised me very much. She has a lot of issues and I felt very sorry for her. She has since closed her blog. She had a whole different personality on the blog.

Mampi said...

Yes, yes, I am qualified to take up the tag. Heavily qualified in fact.
1-When I met you, NM, Pinku, Parry, Roop - strangely I had no expectations. It looked like I knew you people already. After meeting all of you, somehow the writings I read become more awesome than before.

2-About Sumanto, I knew him before he was a blogger, so his blog is more an extension of his personality. I know two/three people who started off blogging with a lot of enthusiasm, but eventually gave up. Mithe started her blog after I told her to put up her creative writing on net, she is really big time into blogging now.

3-You appear very child-like, very innocent. Your blog-posts are absolutely mature and very very subtle. The two things do not match. But I like both the personae that you sport.

4-Yes, Yes, Yes I want you to answer these things in your next post.

5- Waiting for the story. I hope the Mad-Mad Group Chat will feature too.

~nm said...

Tag 1: nopes. All the bloggers that I've met have had the same personality as I had imagine reading their blogs. Their physical appearances were definitely different.

Tag 2: Never had such a scenario so can't comment.

Tag 3: I had imagined you to be either an aggressive kind of a person or a total quiet one. I've seen people who write such intense stuff belong to either of these categories. You fitted well in the second category

Tag 4: yes, that would be good.

Seema said...

Hi dear, there are others who seem to be conflicting :). You and a quite one.. hmmmm, I can't imagine you as quite.. Can you?
And I never said that you are serious, only said that you are emotional kinds :P. How about keeping your promises for foll.
1) Tag 4: tell fast
2) Tell the story behind this post
3) Where's the next quiz you had promised looong back?
And why no post for so long? Where are you busy?

How do we know said...

Hi exseno: Oh.. am sorry to hear about her, i hope she felt better soon..

Hi Mampi: Thanks a ton!! And oh, the mad mad chat IS the story!!! :-)

Hi ~nm: Was waiting for u, Mampi and TS to comment on the post.. thank you!!! intense.. hmm.. thats another surprise.. and i love that surprise.. :-)

Hi seema: Dekha!! One more time u prompt me into action. saaw ur comment and posted rightaway!! Sometimes i wonder about the influence u have on me. :-)

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