Monday, February 02, 2009

A citation, a tag, and a Quiz

The Citation:
There have been very many people who have been kind enough to send a peer award this way, but this Republic Day Citation is very, very special to me, because of the way it is worded. To be thought of in these terms is extremely humbling.. and yet, one is beaming with pride rather! :-)
Here goes:
"On the eve of the Republic Day of our country, i take this opportunity to present this award to my blogger friends who have made a difference by writing their frank opinions in their blogs as well, as in the comment columns of other blogs. These bloggers have not written any sensational or luscious stories to attract traffic to their blogs, but they have put down in prose as well, as verse, whatever they have felt strongly about, may it be about their personal lives or about a burning issue of the society. The sole purpose of their writing has been to make a difference. I wish that their ideas may fructify and bring a change in the society for better. I salute them all."

Thank you, and Thank you Balvinder.. this has meant a lot.

The Tag:
The people who have taken up Tag 4 from the previous post, please see this section of the post.

Manish: Your blog does not betray your professional excellence. That people around you are genuinely in awe of you.
Your love for Kuhu is lots more pronounced on the blog. The personal, softer side is also lots more expressed here. That you are a very good writer becomes obvious.

Mahesh: Honestly, i thought it was awefully sweet of you to have driven Mampi all the way to meet her friends.. to be there as the only husband in the gathering, and to try and give us the space that 3 giggling girlfriends need, without appearing aloof. However, your comments on other blogs are the basis of this tag being done for you. (considering that your own blog is on its way ) : We find a sensitive person in these comments, intelligent yet not overt about it. What i like best about your comments (and did not notice when we met in person) is the subtlety of expression, yet the precision. Wonderful!

Mampi: What can i say? I had no idea u were THIS cute looking, so full of energy u can be life personified, and so incredibly charming. None of that comes out enough on your blog. When one meets you, one is struck by your sheer vitality, your love for life, and your incredible charm..
On the blog, you appear to be an intelligent person, who is very in love with her husband, writes great poetry and has a lot of blog friends who truly are friends. There is a sincerity about the blog, but nothing on the blog prepares one for the adrenaline rush that u can induce in other people. You can make people like themselves. :-)

~nm: Again, I still dont believe that its so easy to talk around you, to open up and to want to meet over and over again. What i liked best about you, when we met, for the first time and again, and the one thing that does not come out on the blog, is that you are an incredibly easy to get along with person. You make people open up rather easily and you carry yourself very lightly on those shoulders. You do small things to put people at ease and do it effortlessly.
Yet, if i had to use one word for you, it would be "honest". All of this becomes lots more obvious when one interacts with you. the similarity is that you are very likeable, both on the blog and in person. :-)

Hi Seema: The only place where i have seen u comment is on my blog. I cannot give u a personal-blog difference on the basis of this. Your Tag 4 will be done in person. :-)

The quiz is in Part 2 of the post.(just afterthis one)

So there, what do u think?


~nm said...

Ok..someone teach me how to flutter those eyelashes...

Howdy, I have now words to describe what I'm feeling after reading what all you have said about me. After every sentence I was wondering, "Is she sure she is talking about me?" :D

Thanks a bunch babes! You are super sweet as a person yourself and stay that way! Forever.

Mampi said...

where is my comment??

Mampi said...

Ok lemme try it again.
While I congratulate you on your award from Balvinder, I must say I waas amazed to see what you have written about all of us. I guess I have gotten to know Manish from your comments and from this description of the person.
Of course, Mahesh does deserve the praise. Well, when I told mahesh that Howdy had written this about I and you, and told him that she has gone a bit too far while writing about Mampi, he said, one should learn to take praise gracefully.
So, Here i stand before you, humbled and grateful that you have such beautiful words to say about me.
NM is turning out to be such an anytime friend for me that I am grateful we met. If you were on gtalk more often, I would bother you as much as I do NM.