Thursday, October 26, 2006

3 books, 4 films, and one Diwali.

Last week, I finished three books in a week - Veronica Decides to Die(Paulo Coelho), one Agatha Christie, and Karmbhoomi(Premchand) .

This week, it was 4 movies in 3 days - Jaaneman, Mixed Doubles(twice), Corporate (re-run, I've seen it earlier), and Dor(finally!) All 4 Hindi films.

And then there was Diwali!

One could obviously write reams on how wonderful the Diwali was.. but none of that would do any justice. Let's just say that this Diwali, we made some wonderful memories. Everything that was done was normal, like every Diwali.. but the memories feel very nice.. the painting of diyas, the making of sweets for prasad, the floral rangolis and the electrical lights outside the house.. everything! :-)

How was your Diwali?
PS: For readers outside India, Diwali is arguably the biggest festival here in India.

This is the festival of lights. A lot of myths are associated with the festival, and they have all combined to give the festival several delightful rituals. You must see it sometime if you can!


KusTavan said...

Diwali falls around Eid... I dont think that is a correct approximation...considering that Diwali is calculated based on a Lunar calendar which has adjusts to 365 days ...whereas Eid at end of month of Ramazan is calculated based on a 11month lunar year... So over a few years you will have this Eid (and Ramazan) around Holi.. not Diwali.

Cyberkitty said...

I saw jaaneman too , it was good, other than that I was cashless on Diwali !

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

thanks dear :)wish i had clarity of action too...

How do we know said...

Hi Kustavan: Thank you for pointing that out. though I have not had a chance to verify this, have taken that line off the post. Thank you again!

Hi cyberkitty: You liked it?? I thought the best part of the film was Salman Khan, and he was also as thakela as the storyline!!

Hi Tell me no more: Dil ka kya rang karoon khoone jigar hone tak!

sophie said...

Diwali sounds so magical -
i read a remembrance of it
in True Blue's site and
it was lovely.
What is rangoli?

priya said...

I haven't seen any new movies as yet. Will watch sooner or later. Diwali was fine and stayed home quiet doing pooja and eating sweets.

adi said...

of course my diwali was earned in creating more memories of the enchanted kinds...that too when the one who was supposed to be with me, was not present there ;)
hey, thanks for dropping by delhidreams...hope u'll come again!

richunderconstruction said...

"Let's just say that this Diwali, we made some wonderful memories."
- one of the best lines i ever read, which expresses all :)

btw, did you like veronica decides to die? im particularly fond of that bk, associated with some memories. n hows dor?

= rich

Wriju said...

I loved Dor :-)

How do we know said...

Hi Sophie: Gud to c u here! When are you doing the tag? Rangoli is a pattern made on the floor, typically in front of the house. Its a decorative pattern, and is a regular on most auspicious days. It can be made with colours, colored rice, flowers, tiny earthern lamps, or any other material that you can think of.

On Diwali, I make floral rangolis outside my house, and the neighbors really like it! :-)

HI Priya: My reco: Dont miss Dor and dont watch jaaneman. :-)

Hi Adi: So who was it who was missed so much?

Sure i liked the book! At page 20, the pro suicide post was written! More than that.. it gave me another window into the hearts of alot of people who have come to me and said, "I'm not sad or depressed... i'm just.. done! " makes so much sense!

What are the memories.. if that is not too personal?

Hi Wriju:
Tell me about it!! The movie refuses to go off my head even today! The best part was Nagesh K trying to act all "lusty" (word from his earlier movie) about meera.. Man! I ROFL just thinking of that scene again! And the Zeenat girl looks EXACTLY like a friend of mine.. down to body language! Can't get the movie out of your system.. see, now I've written a page already! :-)

richunderconstruction said...

it is personal, but neways,
i was given that book by a frnd(dunno if i can call her that now) wen i wasnt in the best frame of mind to survive :)
n i so agree with that, not sad, not depressed, just done!

mathew said...

i oppose this blog entry..this was solely intended at people who couldnt enjoy this diwali!! :)

Known Stranger said...

yes .. good a wonderful diwali - it was 1 book ion diwali the one book the was left from paul coleho series - pilgrimage . - manged to find that book in singapore . i was happy to read your last thing in post - lot of myths on diwali - i liked your way to post so. many northy doenst accept the myths of south indians. southin indian myth for diwali is very different and it is related to krishna in a way and not rama

V N said...

Loved Veronica.... much more than the much celebrated Alchemist!

Didnt much like Dor, especially since it turned out to be a poor remake of its Mallu original!

itchingtowrite said...

i had posted a link on diwali on my post
the site gives interesting info
so u had a good diwali!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Festivals are great! I celebrate several different festivals including Octoberfest and the Lunar New Year. May have to add Diwali.

I would love to hear more about the festival – I know folks light oil lamps around the house and such, but are there certain types of food associated with the fest? It always comes down to food for me, probably why I am so slim!!

Chiya said...

Hope you had a great Deepawali.

Mine was good enough was my first deewali after marriage, cultural differences were both sweet and sour.

Just finished the tag.

Deepa said...

Dor is a wow movie...period..

vibhor said...

hello dear,
hmm...lots of refreshing time you had..
im also going to put my hands on veronica decides to die..
and diwali was great..
hope you are enjoying your time..
take care..

How do we know said...

hi Ruc:
its kind of sad to lose a friend, but when that happens, i ask mself whether i m sad that it ended, or glad that it happened at all!

Hi Mathew: No actually it was intended for junta sitting in Germany and looking forward to wonderful European winters.

Hi Known Stranger: Really?? Tell me more about this myth!

Hi Velu: if Dor was a poor remake, I'd do a lot for the name of the original mallu film... pls oblige!

Hi ITW: Cldnt find the link :-(

Hi Phosgene kid: Sure there are hajar sweets associated with this festival, and a lot of dry fruits - spiced up, fried and in know what,come to think of it, this festival is about food right after the lights, so just the perfect kind of festival for u!

hi Chiya:
First Diwali after the wedding? Wow.. Congratulations!! Tell us mroe abt it on ur blog.. and also abt the cultural differences.. just read the tag.. wonderful!

Hi Deepa: Agreed. And don't you think that Zeenat looks like someone we both know?

hi Vibhor: Posted this LOOOONG piece of advice on ur blog and then lost it. Am going now to post it again.

V N said...

Its called Perumazhakkaalam. (Roughly translated it equates to Season of the Heavy Downpour). Won quite a few National Awards that year...

Do get to see it. Its worth it.

sophie said...

I am posting my randomites
on Sunday - sorry i am so late -
I deeply admire your work with
the blind and would love to order
some cards if they are ready
i could pick them up in

take care