Sunday, July 30, 2006

To all Accountants out there...

My 13 year old cousin was updating me with the latest shayaris in her diary, and i chanced upon this gem. I love the deliberate use of very relevant metaphors, and it made a hardened criminal like me think. So am posting it here. Let me know if it makes any of you think...

Your happiness is your profit, your sorrow is your loss,
Your soul is your goodwill, your heart is your fixed asset,
Your duty is your outstanding expense,
Your friendship is your hidden adjustment,
Your character is your capital,
Your knowledge is your investment
Your patience is your interest
Your mind is your bank balance
Your bad thoughts are your depreciation
Your behavior is your journal entries
Your spouse is your partner
Your child is your long term goal,
Your Death is your Closing Stock..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

50th Post!!

This, I think, is written by Nida Fazli, but am not sure..

Chup tum raho, chup hum rahein,
Khamoshi ko, khamoshi se,
zindagi ko, zindagi se...
Baat karne do...

चुप तुम रहो, चुप हम रहें,
खामोशी को, खामोशी से,
ज़िन्दगी को, ज़िन्दगी से...
बात करने दो...

Let us be silent,
you and me...
Let the silences talk to each other..
And let life talk.. to Life..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bypassing Blogs Ban in India

To bypass the blogs ban in India, go to : and u r ready to roll!!

Incidentally, my friend tells me that this site came up when the Pakistan government banned blogs in Pakistan after the Danish cartoons controversy.. another instance of how the people are exactly the same.. Unfortunately, so are our politicians... equally bad on both sides of the border..

Ab Agar Aao..

I don’t know who has written this ghazal.. I have heard it from Jagjeet Singh..

The translation is done by me and is therefore limited in quality..

Roman Script:
Ab agar aao to jaane ke liye mat aana
Sirf ehsaan jataane ke liye mat aana

Maine palkon pe tammanayein saja rakhi hain
Dil mein umeed ki sau shammein jala rakhi hain
Ye hasin shammein bujhane ke liye mat aana ..

Pyaar ki aag mein zanjeerein pighal sakti hain
Chaahne vaaloe ki takdeerein badal sakti hain
Tum ho bebas ye bataane ke liye mat aana…

Ab tum aana jo tumhe mujhse muhabaat hai koi
Mujh se milne ki agar tum ko bhi chaahat hai koi
Tum koi rasm nibhaane ke liye mat aana

अब अगर आओ तो जाने के लिये मत आना
सिर्फ अह्सान जताने के लिये मत आना

मैने पलकों पे तमन्नायें सजा रखी हैं
दिल में उम्मीद की सौ शमें जला रखी हैं
ये हसीं शमें जलाने के लिये मत आना

प्यार की आग में ज़ंजीरें पिघल सकती हैं
चाहने वालों की तकदीरें बदल सकती हैं..
... तुम हो बेबस ये बताने के लिये मत आना...

अब तुम आना जो तुम्हे मुझसे मुहब्बत है कोई,
मुझसे मिलने की अगर तुम को भी चाहत है कोइ
तुम कोइ रस्म निभाने के लिये मत आना...

Translation if you are not from India:
If you come, don’t come to go away again..
Don’t come to do me a favor..

I have desires on my eyelids,
And the lamps of a thousand hopes in my heart..
Don’t come to extinguish the lovely light….

Love can melt chains,
And Change Destinies…
Don’t come back to tell me how helpless you are..

Come, only if you love me too,
And if meeting me matters to you..
.. Don’t come for any rituals no more..

Saturday, July 15, 2006

World Laugh a Little More Day!

.. Just invented by Me!

Leela Hai!

Indians have two of the most amazing survival concepts known to me. They are "Karma" and "Leela/ Maya".

Karma, simply means Action. The concept of Karma means that whatever you do, will catch up with you. Since we do believe in cyclical birth, it means that one death does not mean the end of your ledger balance, and that death is no escape. You will have to face the results of your deeds anyway.

Leela is a little better than that. It is the theory that all the world is a stage on which the Gods are playing, and all the beings are pieces in this game being played by the Gods. Maya means that everything we see, is make believe.. just as the pieces in a game get killed, win, lose, but we all know that it all amounts to nothing. Its just a game. Likewise, human beings, and all other creatures, are pieces in a cosmic game. They lose, they win, they die, and they come back on the same board. But it all amounts to nothing.

Therefore, in the middle of a crisis, personal or public, the Indians are likely to go "Sab bhagwaan ki leela hai!" meaning.. it is all a game.. what does it matter? Such profound wisdom... so easily received!

Of course, this concept of life also gives us the Hindu Rate of Growth... :-)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Mumbai Blasts.. am too numb to say anything. Only one question keeps coming back to me: To what end?? What did they want??

Assume the world is terrorised... and comes on its knees to these people.. what will they want to do to the world? Is there a sense of purpose? Or is violence the only purpose?

Friday, July 07, 2006

तू मुझे कभी कुछ देती क्यों नहीं ?

कोई गाली
ज़ो तेरे दिल से निकली हो?
कोई शिकायत
कोई बेर
जो तूने खाकर जूठा किया हो
कभी ठूंसती क्यों नहीं
मेरे मुंह में?

चुप्पी सुनाती हैं मुझे
तेरी चूडीयां
खाली सी खनक
भरी रहती है
घर में मेरे !!

घर मेरा ही रख है तूने
“हमारा” बनाकर ,
जूठा नही किया कभी – क्यों ?

क्यों तेरे चेहेरे की लाली
अब भी कुंवारी लगती है?

Bad translation, but here goes:
Why don't you ever give me anything?
A swear word,
that you really mean.. ?
A complaint?
A fruit
eaten half by you, and the other half
kept for me?

I hear silence
in your bangles.
An empty noise
pervades my house.
This house, is mine yet
You have not
made it "ours" -

Why is the pink of your cheeks
So very .... virgin?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Saw this nice piece today...

If you want something you never had, do something you have never done.

Don't go the way life takes you.
Take life the way you go .
And remember you are born to live
and Not living because you are born.