Sunday, July 30, 2006

To all Accountants out there...

My 13 year old cousin was updating me with the latest shayaris in her diary, and i chanced upon this gem. I love the deliberate use of very relevant metaphors, and it made a hardened criminal like me think. So am posting it here. Let me know if it makes any of you think...

Your happiness is your profit, your sorrow is your loss,
Your soul is your goodwill, your heart is your fixed asset,
Your duty is your outstanding expense,
Your friendship is your hidden adjustment,
Your character is your capital,
Your knowledge is your investment
Your patience is your interest
Your mind is your bank balance
Your bad thoughts are your depreciation
Your behavior is your journal entries
Your spouse is your partner
Your child is your long term goal,
Your Death is your Closing Stock..


V N said...

Thats funny!

Twisted DNA said...

13 year old? Wow, he/she is really good!

Ekta said...

this is crazy and funny!

Has to be me said...

Hi there. Thanks for ur lovely words in my blog & hope 2 c ya more often! :)

This is a good one....have read this before thru one of the fwded mails. Thanks fr reminding me of the same! :)

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

no, not really. just a week of viral fever. why? does it look like too much work has gone into it or the contrary?

Gangu Patel said...

Gangu thought somebody with a degree in Finance or a Chartered Accountant wrote that shayari. :-) Gangu loves it!

Oh yah... and thanks for checking out Gangu's blog! :-)

Known Stranger said...

everything fine except last few

Your spouse is your partner
Your child is your long term goal,
Your Death is your Closing Stock..

your spouce is your devils advocate
your child is your long term sin
your death is your begining.

How do we know said...

Hi Velu, Ekta: It is, right? Unfortunately she does not know the source.

Hi Twisted DNA: No, she is just gud at collecting this stuff!

Hi Has to be me: The pleasure is entirely mine! :-)

Hi Gangu: Yes, it is a veryyy funny blog! Will keep going back to it shamelessly.

Hi Known Stranger: ha ha! My cousin would like to hear that.. or maybe we should let her experience it to appreciate the truth in those words! :-)