Sunday, August 06, 2006

Come, Love,
Sit by the fire
that we lit
out of ourselves -
As the world dissolves
and we smile
at the shadows
it leaves behind..

Like creatures
left out of Noah's Ark..
Not realising,
that there IS No Destination
except the one
on the shores of their hearts?

Where will they go
Who have not yet
Reached themselves?


VarunMayan said...

That was my own yaar

Known Stranger said...

it kept me reading again and again it has something that charms me a lot but not aware what

V N said...

those last three lines are emphatic expressions of a truth that lies somewhere deep inside me, that set me thinking for a while.

profound post!

Chiya said...

there IS No Destination
except the one
on the shores of their hearts.

Wish I could find this destination called SELF ever in life!

Lovely Writing.

Has to be me said...

Good one

Wriju said...

Hey this one is beautiful ...
I could almost imagine a bonfire of sorts and shadows of people.

It's a strange sort of duality you talk about - love which in it's purity is selfless. "In your happiness lies mine".

And then, like you say in the end, the self to which we need to reach out to.

Here I am trying to lose myself, and there you are talking of finding oneself :-)

Madhuri Shinde said...

'Not realising,
that there IS No Destination
except the one
on the shores of their hearts?'

Very true friend.

Ekta said...

*that there IS No Destination
except the one
on the shores of their hearts*

Often we search for the wrong destinations and hence never reach where we are suppsoed to..its a lifelong search!

Gangu Patel said...

Gangu wasn't happy when he realized you thought Gangu was making up those fanmail letters. In fact... Gangu was quite sad that such a thought could even arise in your mind! We have been childhood friends... aka Langoti Yaars! And you... of all the ppl??? *sigh* Gangu thought he would never live to hear such words from you. :-(

Shubham said...

thanks for appreciating my non-sense rhymes..
ur posts are gr8 too.. :)

Chloe said...

i think that's the longest possible journey, reaching yourself.

Trailady said...

Wow, this is very profound!! Youe words are beautiful. What a gift!!

Hiren said...

Excellent.This seems a syonpsis of the Jkrinamurthy's teachings who said that thought had limitations and ultimately everything could only be resolved by love.

Since we are talking of love, maybe you would want to know about supurned love - Kabhi alvida na kehna. Osho ka kya hai kehna

How do we know said...

Hi Varun: Tumhara apna tha to bahut hi achha tha..

Hi Known Stranger.. yes, I also identify with you there.. i keep going back to this poem.. and it keeps coming back to mind.

Hi Velu: I think of those last three lines very often. Particularly when i need to turn anger into sympathy.

Hi Chiya: Thank you dear! You look like you are on the way already...

Hi has to be me: Thanks!

Hi Wriju: I thought of a really long response to wht you've written.. and maybe we will take that offline.

hi Madhuri: CAM.. :-)

Ekta: Imagine what would happen if it wasnt a life long search?

hi Gangu: What to do, life is full of dissapointments.

Hi Shubham: Thank you.

Hi Chloe.. yep, so it is..

Hi Trailady: Thanks!

Hi Hiren: To me, this poem means a lot of things.. its one thing that i keep comiing back to. J Krishnamurthy... perhaps.. Re. Osho, have left comments on your blog.. thanks for coming by!!

Nabeel said...

hmmm .. beautifully written .. i love how you talk in this poem .. did you write this? there's a conversation in this poem (is this a poem or conversation) .. i love it.

There is no destination .. except the one where the boat leads to mate !

I know .. love the question in the end .. this is awesome ..

The video works mate !

Known Stranger said...

very beautiful.

come love
flame with the fire
that we lit
to find ourselves
in love
at its heat
that leaves a happiness

in renounciation
like objects
with no life
not realising
there is salvation
in those moments
of love and intimacy

Where will they
find who have
not yet reached
in them..

Let us unite
before flame
turns to smoke

Wriju said...

Hey, when's the next post coming up?

iFaqeer said...

Wonderful name for a blog!

Please also keep posting the roman script; not all of us Urdu/Hindi speakers can read Devnagri :D

How do we know said...

Hi Nabeel: I like your take on the poem... there is no destination, except the one that leads to mate.. wow!

hi Known Stranger.. i NEVER, ever imagined one could do this with a post.. :-) pretty incredible - that! I like the paragraph with the saints best!

Hi Wriju: It almost came up yday... and will positively be up today.. though its not poetry, and I will have to do some research before that one..

Hi Ifaqeer: Good point. Will remember that. Actually, maybein a while, I will add a little primer to Hindi on this blog.. how does that sound? :-)

smiley said...

Come, Love,
Sit by the fire
that we lit
out of ourselves -

how true, good one

Known Stranger said...

when did i write this nonsense here. oh surprising. it seems i made some sense in the nonsense. fro my latest post to do i was strggling for past few days.. and i didnt know i had dropped one here to put in my blog. oh !

Nabeel said...

but why does the couple smile as the word dissolves? The world dissolving being a bad thing ..

How do we know said...

Hi Smiley: thanks!!

Hi Known Stranger: Wow.. you dont even remember putting it here?

Hi Nabeel: Maybe, it isnt such a bad thing.. the end of the world.

Varsha said...

nice one....