Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you people, for everything. For the messages, comments, advice and wishes, Thank you for everything.

I am way less hyper after hearing from you. We are also planning to start homeopathy treatment for Ishaan soon(this weekend at the latest).
Let's hope it works for him. Will keep you posted if you'd like..

Right now, I will be hoping and praying..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Need Help/Suggestions Please!

Ishaan (my 7 month old son) was diagnosed with Eczema.

It's been a month and the little thing has been on steroids non stop.
The doctor assures me that the only way to treat Atopic Dermatitis is through Steroids, Antibiotics and then Non Steroidal Anti inflamatory drugs, when the symptoms are not so bad. (Basically, symptom supression)

He has been on anti allergy drops for children for over a month. Still, we encounter a new allergy practically every week!

I am, at the moment, pretty inconsolable, and anything you can say to help, WILL help.

Has any of you ever encountered another child with Atopic Dermatitis? What helped? Has anyone ever tried Homeopathy? Did it work? Anything else that I should know?

Thanks people!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Simple things you can do for a better world.

1. Waste less food.
2. When not necessary, do not leave the TV, tubelights, fans and ACs on. Or any electrical appliances.
3. Try eating with the whole family together. That helps you save energy - the food does not need to be re-heated over and over again, and brings you close.
4. Where not necessary, do not buy wood. Alternatively, stop complaining about deforestation and lack of greenery. That greenery is in your drawing room, as a sofa.
5. Use the old fashioned bucket and mug instead of the shower. It really really saves water.
6. Pearls are the cancerous tumours of the oyster. To get you those pearls, the creators of pearls induce this painful foreign element in the oyster and then wait for the growth to develop. You don't want someone to wear your tumours as jewelry. Or maybe you do.
7. To make a silk hanky, hundreds of silk worm larvae are boiled alive. Imagine getting up from sleep one day and dying of heat, wondering all the time, "what just happened?" . When you wear that silk, you are in effect wearing a few thousand corpses. Happy Glittering.
8. Look for cosmetic products that are not tested on animals. Testing involves pouring shampoo inside the eyes of a rabbit them to see whether the shampoo is corrosive. Actually, that is the least gory experiment.
9. Solar heating and rain water harvesting work. Really.
10. When you see someone obviously in need of help, stop and help.
11. Have fewer children, and inspire others to do the same.
12. Speak in your mother tongue. Vernaculars are dying around the world.
13. Get out of your house when there is a protest march for something that is obviously unfair. Make that voice heard before it is stifled for good.
14. VOTE.
15. Generate less waste. Most appliances are good for a lot more than they are currently used for. And second hand things are not always bad. The companies do not want you to believe that, but its true.
16. Try to not litter a public place. You are a bad example for everyone.
17. A small car is good if you are traveling alone. Most days, we travel alone to work. We do not need the boot on mostdays. What we need, is a small car, ideally a 2 seater, or a car pool. Smaller cars mean smaller jams on the road, less fuel guzzling, and honestly, as a civilisation, we just cannot afford the Big Car = Big Ego equation any more.
18. If you have plants, you could put your bio-degradable waste in them. Fruit peels, raw vegetable parts you don't use, anything..