Sunday, September 22, 2013

my one liners

  • We do not owe procreation to a society, but we do owe parenting to our child.

  • The tongue is like Fire - when used with care and precision, it can potentially melt the hardest things and soften the hardest. But leave it loose and it burns down everything around it - friend and foe alike.

  • If a child's deadliest question is "Why?" , a parent's deadliest response is, "Why do you want to...."

  • Money is like Fire. When under control, it gives warmth, brings people together and is the center of most interactions, esp the after sundown variety. When out of control, it burns down everything in its way, is completely and ruthlessly destructive and (this is the worst part) - irreversible. you can only go down that ravine once.

  • Email has converted every private office in this country into a govt. office - they push files, we push emails.

  •  Tejpal getting off his job for 6 months as "adequate punishment" is the same as Tytler and Sajjan Kumar not being allowed to contest elections for a few years after 1984

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ranganna by Arthi Anand Navaneeth - A Book Review

It is so Simple to be Happy, but so Difficult to be Simple!

When you read a book and smile, you know you have a rare book in your hands.

Ranganna is a simple story, simply told. But what i loved about the book was that - i dont know, its hard to describe. These small things, that children enjoy whole heartedly, the whole MIRACLE of the world around us, that we as adults take for granted. I just loved the idea that a child finds so much magic in every day things, and how much magic we as adults have been missing because we simply won't look around!

As a child, i loved the story. it spoke to me (my mental age is 8 or less, by the way). It was a challenge i understood.

As an adult, i loved the world that Ranganna forced me to see with new eyes. After reading the book, i actually opened eyes, and tried to count the number of colors that a room has. Counted 40. 40 COLOURS! And i was missing them every day of my life!!!

A simple, positive, winning story is such a simple way to be happy. But its so difficult to write a simple, positive, winning story.

Disclaimer : This is not a paid review. :) Its very real.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Advocate A P Singh and Advocate V K Anand - Experience and Feedback

Because we have a short term memory. Am placing this on record. This man - Advocate A P Singh, defended 2 of culprits of the Delhi rape case.  - Vinay Sharma and Akshay Thakur.

Advocate V K Anand defended the third culprit - Mukesh.

He also went on to state that he has absolute control over how his family should behave. I did not believe someone could make such a disgusting comment, till i heard him on national television. Where he underlines the need to "control" his family.

If you want to hire any of these advocates, or know anyone who wants to interact with them, perhaps you should never meet me. If i was you, i would avoid both of these lawyers like plague.

Here is what i would like happening to this father - i would like him to lose all cases because of who he has defended (not what he said, even the fact that he agreed to defend these monsters tells me a lot about him. i dont want to LIVE at the same time as this man. i am that disgusted)

i want him to lose all business. i want him to depend financially (his daughter is an advocate too) on the said daughter. i want him to then look at that daughter and realise how wrong he was. in short, i want his ego equalled. totalled. completely. then i want him to tell her that he would have burnt her to death for daring to fall in love.


Thursday, September 05, 2013

Happy Teachers Day

We can never thank our teachers enough. But i now realise that the gratitude is even deeper for the teachers of our children. Because of them, we see our kids blossom into real people.
Thank you, for being who you are. No civilisation has yet paid its debt to its teachers.