Thursday, September 05, 2013

Happy Teachers Day

We can never thank our teachers enough. But i now realise that the gratitude is even deeper for the teachers of our children. Because of them, we see our kids blossom into real people.
Thank you, for being who you are. No civilisation has yet paid its debt to its teachers.


Gentle Breeze said...

We often think back and look at our teachers who have been such a profound influence in our lives..Many of our chats with old school/college pals revolve around quirks of our teachers in such a fond manner.
Now - Why are they underrated? Maybe coz we are all to blame - how many of us choose or advise our kids to take up teaching as a profession or calling in life. My take is that it is almost always a fall back option. That still does not though take away their rich contribution to each generation. I salute them

How do we know said...

Hi GB: nahi, hamare waqt mein bhi teaching was not for the best ppl. it paid very little and was too much work. i myself taught for a year and realised its so much stress. thats why i respect ppl who can do this day in and day out.

i wish teaching, nursing were better paid jobs. i really do. they deserve good people. ditto for the army.

and someone pls pay these MBAs and some others a lil less.

Gentle Breeze said...

Agree on the pay issues ;)

Respect ...that has and will stay for my teachers foeva:-)

Onkar said...

absolutely right