Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here It Is..

Hi People..

It sure has been informative.. the count is 15 people think I am a guy and 10 people think I was born a girl(and haven’t had a sex change operation yet).

The general stuff is here.. the rest of the answers are either in response to your comment on the previous post, or on your own blog..i’ve answered every single guess.. and I’m really grateful for your time and your patience.. Thank You!!!

Whatever comes under this is less important than the one line that I most identify with. It comes from Anne Frank: I am a bundle of contradictions!

And yes.. do tell me if this exercise made u rethink the way we take our stereotypes for granted.. though this exercise appears to be about me.. it was actually about you.. and about all our stereotypes.. you can think of me as the guniea pig used for this simple experiment.. ENJOI!!!!
And don’t forget to write in what you thought!!

Age – 29.5 years.. will be 30 soon .. L

Location: We have a house in Delhi, but work will keep me in Mumbai for a few months.

Passions: Poetry, Poetry, Poetry… new Indian poetry, preferably in an Indian language.. this country is pretty much my passion too…

Addictions: Blogging and Ryzing and Scrabble and Reading and .. CHOCOLATES!!

Nature: (Very) Sensitive. Well, I can’t stop laughing when I start. Am not too friendly,and don’t mind being called a geek… because am convinced of being one! J

Marital Status – Happily married for over 3 years now… (Touch Wood!!!)

Am interested in reading up the news.. habit picked up from granddad.. then dad.. (m a lot like my dad btw) .. and very interested in social issues around me.. blame my idealism!

And now for the gender… I was born a……

Baby Girl!!!


Z said...

Well, I may have thought you were a man but however did I guess both Delhi and Mumbai? I have no idea. I wasn't far out with your age - I felt that you are about the age of my elder children, who are 32 and 30.

This evening I was given a box of particularly delicious chocolates. I will eat one tonight and think of you! It was brave of you, I wouldn't have dared ask people their ideas about me, but I hope you feel warmed by the responses.

love from Zoë

dOne said...

I think you gave up on this teaser too early, I was expecting you to have a gap of at least one or two post before you reveal the face under that mask. Anyway thank you for being a (guinea) pig. For a change men can use that term to call an individual from opposite gender, whatever the reason may be.

So now that you have given up your mask. Do you plan to retire?

sophie said...

that was quite fun!!!!!!!:)

Wriju said...

Wow, would never have guessed :-)

chaitü said...

well, i was right about your age.
and wrong about gender.

Aradhna said...

I am all the more impressed by you.


Mr. J said...

I was right. Damn right!! Well ok, I knew were in the laste twenties, just wanted to make you feel better :D

Deepa said...

nice way to attract attention and play on the curosity factor..think i know u ;-)

smiley said...

well how about having a post for guessing ur height and weight? :):):)

anuj said...


1st of all, thnkx fr visiting me .. nd keep doin tht :D

i didnt took tht exercise .. bt reading all tht here .. one cud have easily figured out tht u r a born baby gal ..

i mean chocolates nd not stopping once to start laughing .. makes it a lil easier to guess :P

chalo .. have a nice day ;)

Sindhu said...

It is.... amazing how we misunderstand... people, situations and everything.

I always imagined you as an unmarried young man, crazy about poetry, love, friends and blogging.

Arre babaa.....!!!!

I am now questioning the very way we think!! Eye opening, thanks really for this exercise!

How do we know said...

Hi Zoe: I did feel VERY warmed by the responses..this will remain one of those things that one remembers for a loong time..

Hi Done: Not sure a lot of people will agree with you about the time :-)
No, I do not plan to retire. There is nothing on this blog that i would not admit to writing or saying.. and well, its still anonymous in the sense that you will never be able to place me anywhere other than the blogworld..:-)

Hi Sophie: Wasn't it!? I quite loved it too!!

Hi Wriju: Would never have guessed that it wasnt brunettes after all? Or that it wasnt Nicaragua? Which part of your guess being wrong dissapoints you most? :-)

Hi Chaitu: Yep, that you were! :-)

Hi Aradhna: And what impresses you this time dear?? :-)

Hi Me: Thanks!! I know.. feeling like 26 really makes my day!!

Hi Deepa: Sure you know me.
And the idea was not to do the curiosity thing, trust me.. this blog was deliberately kept anonymous for exactly this reason - if we do not see through colored glasses, what do we see.. more an attempt at fighting my own prejudices than anything else! :-)

Hi Smiley: I thought about what you said.. do we have prejudices or stereotypes that come out of height and weight also? Sure we do.. but methinks that the objective of the exercise is met.. if its making us think, its over!!! :-)

hi Anuj: The idea was not to find out the gender from this post, but from the posts upto the previous one.. ye to results episode tha!!
Will keep going back to your blog..

Sindhu: Chalo, koi ek to hai jo meri tarah hai!!!

Rajesh Rana said...

nice to know u.......... :)

Has to be me said...

Hey I guess I was bang on TARGET! Was I the closest? I said u were a girl in the region of +-30! :)))

stellar said...

i knew it already tht ur a girl...they way you frame your sentences,shows the sensitivity a girl can have,politeness, eagerness..etc.etc..see i'm back..tk cr

VarunMayan said...

Well, u have shaken my notions

V N said...




anuj said...

Update dear ... Update ..

wanna read more of u :D

have read jst d result post :P

nw tht the results r out .. nd ur behind d curtain .. give us some thrilling performace gal .. nd we ( atleast I ) wud clap ;)

hehe ... forget it .. jst write down some stuff dudette

take care

SM said...

Cant believe you are a born girl.But analysing your likes and taste I think may be you consider sex change :) :)

How do we know said...

Hi Rajesh: likewise! :-)

Hi Has to be me: Yep, you were bang on.. very soon I will be the ripe old age of 30 !!

Hi Stellar: THANK GOD!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING for you to come back!!!

Hi Varun: Am glad.. but us se pehle, my own notions got shaken quite a bit!! :-)

hi Velu: I went to that site and heard the song Surmayee Akhiyon mein.. your version.. man!! You're awesome.. couldn't download the rest of your stuff, but the one song was seriously good!

Hi Anuj: Blame it on the job.. have been thinking of a lot of posts.. will probably post one tonite!

Hi Sharda: Am VERY HAPPY being a girl boss!! No chance of a sex change anything!! Girls can be methodical too :-)

Tanvi said...

I shall never try guessing in any of my exams.I am the worst at guessing,I guess(I guess???)

Nishu said...

I cant believe this that u are a gal!!

Your husband got to be lucky for he has got the gal who thinks like boys.. LOL!!

AlterinG Abhishek said...

too much but lotza fun,..
and hey ..please gimme some email id you that i can send you the invite to post on my "One line central"

keep visting cheers....

Has to be me said...

Sweetie, 30 is not so ripe! Remember life begins only @ 40!!!!! ;)

neermathalam said...

no probs...i made a bad guesss...
tassss it...

Twisted DNA said...

Damn, I was wrong on all accounts. I was partially right on your being in Mumbai :)

How do we know said...

hi Tanvi: Ha ha!! Never mind.. the idea was not to check how well we guess, but to see how much we assume.. :-)

Hi Nishu: Seriously!!? You MUST tell me why it is so hard for u to believe that i am a girl??

Hi Has to be Me: really?? why do I feel old even before 30? Guess its like the Marathin.. jsut when you think you're tired.. suddenly you get a fresh burst of energy from god knows where!!

Hi Neermathalam: Moral of the story:Girls have changed. A LOT. ;-)

Hi Twisted DNA: Actually, you know what? one still cant decide whether to go on a high bcs so many ppl think I am a guy, or to go into a terrible identity crisis situation.. my husband is laughing all the way to his office though! :-))