Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Children's Day!

Things I like about childhood
1. The smell of winter
2. Being short enough to crawl into tiny spaces and get out of really low railings.
3. Fighting about who is my best friend and why they should not talk to other people
4. The new clothes and the memories of festivals.
5. My grandmother used to read out stories from the scripture to us.

Things that make me feel happy about being an adult
1. School Uniforms.
2. Homework
3. Fighting about who is best friend and why they should not talk to other people
4. Not being able to decide on anything I wanted – no clothes(no money at home) , not my favorite toys, nothing.
5. Being made to drink milk.


Chiya said...

I really loved the 3rd point!
Do u still feel the same, for your best friends?

Chiya said...

BTW, tried sending another mail to you and eesha both. did u get that?

How do we know said...

hi Chiya: Yep, got your mail. That makes it 4 mails to be sent to the 4 people who have expressed interest in Esha. Or maybe, I will just take Zoe's advice and put a post soon.
No i dont feel the same any more.

artnavy said...

very nice- cant agree more

Wriju said...

Yeah number 3 is a classic albeit slightly girly :-)
I love the granny stories!

priya said...

Good ones and number 3 is always gone thru' many people.

Twisted DNA said...

we always have love hate relationship with our childhood I guess.. excellently portrayed by your point #3.

1. School Uniforms.
I wish they don't stop wearing uniforms. They will look cool on grown ups too :)

Neha said...

lol..good one! somethings just never change :-)

Di said...

"Fighting about who is best friend and why they should not talk to other people"
trust me ...somethings dont change,and this is one of them.U shud c some of my friends sulking sometimes!!

How do we know said...

Hi Artnavy: Thanks.. i was more hoiping to also get everyone else's list.. what's yours?

Hi Wriju: Given how much u love ur granny...am sure she has hajaar stories to tell which all of us will remember.. whats ur list?

Hi Priya: I thot we all hated milk more!! turns out No.3 is a bigger pain- or maybe bcs the pain continues?

Hi tDNA: looking cool on grown ups.. am sure you mean the short skirt uniforms for air staff??

Hi Neha: so true!!

Hi Di: ha ha!! :-)

sophie said...

I love the smell of fall -
and I hated my school uniform
growing up:(

lovely post!

MellowDrama said...

haha hey good point, I feel so liberated as an adult, don't give a rat's ass about best friend talking to ppl I don't like..funny tho huh, how the closest friends you make are usually from your childhood:)

adi said...

absolutely loved the bachpan points, so much like me :)