Tuesday, November 14, 2006

उस दिन, एक साल
जब हम
हर साल की तरह
पींगें झूल रही थीं
भरी गर्मियों में
तो तूने
मेरी चोटी खींची थी, और मैं
तेरे पीछे भागी थी,
अपनी लड़ के कमायी हुइ पींग भूल कर

उस दिन, एक साल
तू हर बार की ही तरह
हिरणी की तरह भागी थी,
पर उस दिन
जब पकडी गयी थी हम ,
तो तूने
मेरा नाम लगा दिया था सारा , और सारी मार
मैने अकेली ने खायी थी.

आज जब हम मिलती हैं,
तो तू,
मेरा नाम नही लगाती,
मुझसे पूछ्ती है,
बाल बच्चे कैसे हैं,
वो कैसे हैं,
पर सच दीदी,
अब तू मुझसे
उतना प्यार नही करती,
जितना उस दिन करती थी.

This is a bad translation, because the original is most beautiful in its simplicity. It uses the everyday language of a part of rural India. cannot replicate the effect in English, but here goes the feeble effort:

That summer day, some year
When, like every other year,
you and me
were on the swings,
you pulled my hair
and ran.
And I
ran after you -
forgetting about the swings,
I fought to get at.

That summer day, some year
Like every other time,
you ran like a doe
and when
we got caught
you conveniently blamed me
for the entire episode
And I was punished alone.

Now, when we meet
you do not
place blames on me.
You ask how I am doing,
about the kids, the husband..
But you know what didi(elder sister),
You do not love me now,
the way you loved me , on that summer day.


Wriju said...

So nice :-)
So simple yet so profound...

priya said...

I cud only see the picture and not script. I like the picture of girls swinging with sweet thoughts of future and carefree about the present difficulties.

Sugarlips said...

Lovely pic...reminded me of "Lamhe" movie but for the hindi script I need a interpreter or I might contact my neighbor.

Stay Beautiful...!!

Apun Ka Desh said...

Wah Wah :) Bahut Khoob.

Madhuri Shinde said...

The last lines are so touchy.

Sindhu said...

SO... touching...

How do we know said...

Hi Wriju: Thanks!! The idea was to keep it simple.

Hi Priya: Thank you! But what the pic shows you and the poem says is a little different. The poem is about how even in the fights of childhood, the bonding and love is stronger than in the polite conversation of adult relationships.

Hi sugarlips: Tell me if u can decipher it.. will then do it for u in English.

Hi Apun ka Desh: Thank you!

Hi Madhuri and Sindhu: Thanks! One of the few poems that i really liked too.. esp the last lines. :-)

Keshi said...

and I dun have a clue what this is abt :*(


Sugarlips said...

It would be gr8 if u can decipher it in english :)

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

I dunno. u tell me. Think we need everyone's email address to contact them...btw u n i have something in common..will tell u when we meet :)

richunderconstruction said...

Kitni masumiyat jhalakti hai in chhoti chhoti baaton mein...
Kahin woh din bhi beet jaate hain, aur hum bhi un “adult convos” mein phas jaate hain.
Also i wonder,
Does family intervene individual relationships?

= rich

sanjay jha said...

bachpan muththi se raet ki tarah nikal jata hai...hai na...
bahut sundar kavita hai yeh
aur mujhe tumse bahut irshyaa ho rahi hai tum itna achcha apne blog par likh leti ho aur woh bhi hindi me,bahut bahut badhai ho
kuchch naya likha ho to share karna

Prerona said...

funny that I came here and first thing that caught my eyes were the last few lines ... "you know Didi ..." :)

Nice. Thank you for your visit

Shreemoyee said...

:) Thats a nice idea you expressed. Sibling love.

indscribe said...

cute lines...

Sugarlips said...

Sweet lines...thankyou so much :)

How do we know said...

Hi Keshi: Should you come back, you WILL have a clue now :-)

Hi Sugarlips: Done and Thanks!

Hi Rich: I sooo like your response.. yes, family, methinks, pretty much defines how the earliest relationship is going to be among siblings.

Jhaji: Irshyaa mujhe honi chahiye.. ab likhne ke liye nahi likhti, jaise boring meeting mein baith kar doodling hoti hai, vaise hi ye sab likha jaata hai :-) apne aap.. protsahan ke liye dhanyavaad..

Hi Prerona, Shreemoyee, Indscribe and Sugralips: Thanks!!

stellar said...

very simple and touchy..i dnt hv a sister though..:-(.. but i cld feel the luv that sisters share among themselves..[:)]

mathew said...

excellent poem..although i dont have a sister this poem is sensitive that i could feel the emotional bonding underlying it..nice one..

adi said...

yes, hindi has that effect
beautiful words :)

Sugarlips said...

Waisay next time roman bhi challay ga :) I can read waisay ;)

Mental Floss said...

Very nice. I am enjoying your blog very much. Where are you from, in Punjab or a Punjabi in US or Canada missing the motherland

Mampi said...

Wish all the sisters remain inseparable...
and i dont mean physically.