Monday, February 09, 2009

Best song snippet heard in a long time

जैसे दिन से रात अलग है,
सुख है अलग और चैन अलग हैं
पर जो ये देखें वो नैन अलग हैं
चैन हैं अपना , सुख हैं पराये॥

My interpretation..
Just as the day and night are different,
Peace and Comfort are different too..
But its a rare eye that sees this..
Peace is within, Comfort is external ..


उन्मुक्त said...

अच्छा दर्शन है।

हिन्दी में और भी लिखिये।

उन्मुक्त said...

अच्छा दर्शन है।

हिन्दी में और भी लिखिये।

Ajit said...

peace comes from inside and comfort from outside....
liked it a lot.....

mayz said...

yeh kaunsa song hai??

Vinisha said...

Nice. Sure made me go Hmmmm and smile :)

Indian Home Maker said...

I love the last line, Peace comes from within, comfort outside!!!

How true!

bhaw said...

*But its a rare eye that sees this..

Also alag in this line means different from the limited, finite concept 'me'.
It refers to the
The witness, the sakshi, the observer in all of us!

You Know Me Very Well said...

Such a short and sharp post.... and to think abt it.. how late do we realise that peace is with in...

The Rat... said...

u reminded of the NLP lecture i attended last week.. "peace and solutions lie in u.. its just for the comforting shoulder and lap that u reach out for others..."


seema gupta said...

जैसे दिन से रात अलग है,
सुख है अलग और चैन अलग हैं
पर जो ये देखें वो नैन अलग हैं
चैन हैं अपना , सुख हैं पराये॥
" very well said....real words of life.."


~nm said...

I especially like these lines
"...पर जो ये देखें वो नैन अलग हैं ..."

Well written indeed.

Anonymous said...

very beautiful indeed....and excellent translation...
Peace is within...Comfort is external

hitch writer said...

yes peace is within ...!

my space said...

bahut sahi...kaun sa gaana hain ye?

Balvinder Singh said...

mera comment kiththey gya ji ??

Mampi said...

Beautiful, where does it come from?>

How do we know said...

उन्मुक्त जी: कोशिश करते है. आने के लिये धन्यवाद.

Hi Ajit: Thanks.

Hi Mayz: Sapno se bhare naina.. neend hai na chaina..

Hi Vinisha: me 2 :-) r u sending the pink chaddis too?

Hi IHM: yep.. thats what had my attention too.. then i heard the whole paragraph and liked the whole thing.

hi bhaw: That is sucha wonderful perspective!! Thanks a ton! i have been thinking of this a whole day.. gives the song a whole new meaning..


Hi Rat: I want to attend an NLP lecture too!

HI seema: Thank u!

Hi ~nm: Yes, in the rest of the paragraph, i heard this line and went hmmmm

Hi exotic: Thanks!

How do we know said...

Hi hitch writer: Thanks. I like ur name "hitch writer" a lot.

Hi my space: Sapno se bhare naina.. luck by chance.

Hi Balvinder: main te comment moderation vi nahi kitti.. blogger nu kutto... te pls pher comment post karo..

Hi Mampi: Sapno se bhare naina.. from Luck by chance..

Vinisha said...

Of course!! I plan to buy one that would befit a Supermodel!

Let them go weak where they think they are strong. *GRIN*

Just to remind them that whats really important for them is to work on their sexual frustrations and desperations :P

Quirky Indian said...

Nice lines, and true. Perhaps one can also interpret them to mean that peace can always be found, but comfort is brief.


Quirky Indian

Mama - Mia said...

that so so true! :)

happiness and peace is a state of mind rarely goiverned by external factors!

Anonymous said...

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