Monday, November 24, 2008

Dedicated to Twisted DNA's post

This post is dedicated to TDNA’s latest post.

Course: Husbands/ BFs/Something in between 101.
Course Duration: All your life, or till divorce do us apart.. or …

Chapter 1:

When you say: “ How was your day?”
You mean: “Talk to me. Give me more eyeball time than you give to that 30 second TV ad”
What you expect: Him to turn to you, talk about his day and ask about yours.
What you get: “uhhh…. Ok. Pass the beer please” with eyes glued to the TV ad yet.
What you should expect: You should not ask the question. You should not ask for more eyeball time than the TV commercial. He doesn’t give a damn about your day, or his.

When you say: “Hey, you want to watch a movie tonight? Something light?”
You mean: “I am sick of sitting in the same place year after year. Can I see what someplace outside looks like? I will even see a senseless flick if it means getting out of this hole.
What you expect: “Sure. Whatever you want baby.”
What you get: Depending on how miserly he really is, either “Yes, great. How about Star Wars 3?” or “Awww cmon! I want to snuggle into you. Lets order a flick and watch it at home.”
What you should expect: Nothing. You should simply tell him “I am going out for a movie. See you around.”

When you say : “What should I wear for tonight’s party? The blue dress I wore last Sunday or the red dress the Sunday before?”
You mean: “I have worn them both before. I need a new dress."
What you expect: “How can you repeat a dress within a fortnight? Pick up some accessories and we’ll get u a dress on the way.”
What you get: “Whatever baby. They all look nice on you.” Or “Can’t u even pick your own clothes?”
What you should expect: Wear a dress of your choice. Make sure it has a neck low enough to turn other necks at the do. Enjoy the attention. Your man may not remember your dresses. Other people will.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse gender based stereotypes(or any other stereotypes).


Mampi said...

I loved it girl,
simply loved it.
The weekend was spent tossing and turning in my future grave thinking how to get more eyeball time. Thanks, you solved it.
Disclaimer di kee lod si. We already know that.

Z said...

Hah! Excellent.

When my mother asked my father how she looked, he always said "It's not the dress, it's what's in it that counts" which was good the first few times and then...lost its savour.

Sad to say, I tend to go with your last options in every case. Maybe it's the secret of a long and happy marriage. Be straightforward and don't hope he'll work out the hidden meanings, because the odds are that he won't and you'll be hurt, whereas if you just say what you mean, it may not be so potentially romantic but it won't be potentially frustrating either.

gauri said...



The Rat... said...

clap clap clap...

perfect reply to Twisted DNA...

my space said...

lol! how can everyone be so different yet so alike???

~nm said...

:D Kitna sahi likha hai!!

But do we women learn ever? We still go on and ask such questions even when we know what kind of answers we shall get from these men!!!

Does it matter said...

Ha ha.

Though the 'course duration' is intriguing:
what does the last "or.." denote as likely options?

You Know Me Very Well said...

Well said....and i guess it all boils down to the last point that you mentioned " What you should Expect" .... it basically translates to " what we should never expect" :)

How do we know said...

Hi mampi: :-)

Hi Z: You should go and check out TDNA's latest post. And I couldn't agree more with the comment. :-)

Hi gauri: Thanks!

Hi The Rat: Oh, he has excelled himself! Check out the second post on the subject. He rocks!!

Hi my space: :-) Great question. I quit thinking about it some time ago.

Hi ~nm: Yep. True. We never learn. The good thing is, neither do they. ;-)

Hi Does it matter: :-) Oh the last 3 dots mean a world of possibilities, not the least of which is "Till you reach a point where you go 'I don't give a damn!' and finally get on with your own life."

Hi You know me very well: You will love his new post. He has excelled himself.

human being said...

hmmm... men's talk vs. women's talk... oh yes they are from Mars and we are from Venus...

very interesting and true...

Twisted DNA said...

He he he... you too are pretty good at this. I like this blog dueling so I am going to post more outrageous stuff just to get you vent :P

How do we know said...

Hi Human Being: Don't we know that! Even if that book ws not written, all women and men know that they are not from the same planet at all.

Hi TDNA: Aaah! I m not easily provoked. In all this while, i have only done this once!

human being said...

oh yes sure we do... but if we claimed that few people accepted!!
sometimes such books help us validate our claims... especially when they are written by men themselves...