Tuesday, January 01, 2013

नया साल

नया साल है तो
लाजिम होगा
कुछ नयी बातों का तकाज़ा
कुछ नयी शुरुआतों  का ज़िक्र भी होगा
कुछ छूटे साथियों की याद आयेगी

वक़्त गोल पहिया है
कहाँ इसका आगाज़ , कहाँ अंजाम
किसी ने एक दिन रुक कर
एक जगह पहिये पर
एक काली बिंदी लगा दी
तब से हम सब
नया साल मनाते हैं

 On new year's eve
there are bound to be
missing of friends
lost along the way.

Time, is an endless wheel
where is the start, or the end
of the earth's revolution?
someone stood, at one place, one day,
and put a tiny marker spot
on the wheel
And that is how
we came to celebrate
The New Year.


Z said...

Dear friend, the biggest marker on my wheel will be the day I meet you. Happy 2013 xxx

How do we know said...

Hey Z: thats such a lovely thing to say!! yep, that will be a big marker for me too! one day, for sure!

Happy 2013 to you and the family, and to all the ppl who get so much love from you!

Manish Raj said...


Such a nice thought about 'Wakt Gol Pahiya'..

Unfortunately to me .. time doesn't appear to be coming back.. like that could on a wheel..

How are you ? How are things at your end ? Wish you happiness and health in new year. Take care.

Onkar said...

Beautiful poem, especially the Hindi version