Thursday, December 14, 2006

Have you ever observed a situation where a person was paid attention to(unwanted attention, that is), by a person who is about half their age?

I happened to observe this lately, and the initial amusement at the plight and irritation of the older person gave way to a series of questions which refuse to die out. So here they are, for you to chew and respond:

1. What makes a 14 year old kid pay that kind of attention to someone twice their age?
(the only thing that struck me the most about the situation was that the kid was so young.. just 14!)

2. If a person can make someone older as nervous as the victim in this case was, imagine the plight of younger victims of this person. What are the young men around us doing? Especially to younger children of the opposite gender? Have you ever observed anything like it?

In working with child abuse cases, we used to worry about abuse of young teenagers by adults of both genders, and am yet to get over this reverse situation.


Neihal said...

never thought about it...sounds wierd though...maybe coz we are so use to hearing about the child abuse by older ppl.

Chiya said...

I never came across such a situation except in Mera Naam Joker.
and that was a diffrent thing than what you are trying to say here?

can you define unwanted attention?

priya said...

I think too much attention for that age to behave. But todays young kids grow up big and they wanna act like teenagers. Not good and it leads to risk.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Don't know. I am old and don't abuse anyone - hasn't even crossed my mind, in fact. Then again I am not a memeber of Congress or invovled in the priesthood.

Sugarlips said...

Its hideous! Such a melancholy to see kids leading in that direction...I have heard about it alot but never observed anything like this..When we say Kids naive faces appear in my infront of my mind!

You worked for child abuse cases?

Stay Beautiful...!!

How do we know said...

Hi Neihal: Iknow.. but this kid was seriously bonkers!

Hi Chiya: Long time.. where have u been? Unwanted attention is the kind of attention someone would pay u if they met u at a wedding/family gathering/social event and fell in love with you at first sight, or from hearing of u. A person does not obviously want that sort of attention from one's friend's son, so she was even more flabbergasted!

Hi PRiya: Yes, but i m still wondering what made him do this to her! Kids that age shld be more interested in kids their own age,not someone a generation away! And cant help thinking what must be happening to the other kids around this one!

Hi Phosgene kid: Depend on u to add humour like a well deserved spray of fresh water! :-) Too Cool!
Err... if u r old, how come ur nick says "kid"??

Hi Sugarlips: Yep, me did! :-)


Aradhna said...

have you ever worked with mental harrasment at workplace also ?

if yes, what do you do for them and how can you be approached?

The Phosgene Kid said...

I am just a kid at heart - in fact the wife says I behave like a three year old.

Cyberkitty said...

Of course it's true, i have had crushes on teachers and film stars more than thrice my age !

How do we know said...

HI Phosgene Kid: In that case, the wife is lucky!

Hi Cyberkitty: yes, but have u gone and tormented them with it?

Chiya said...

Yeah it has been long time since I have commented on something. i have been here only though reading all my fav blogs.

dharmabum said...

firstly, i pity the so called 'victim' whom you have observed.

"the only thing that struck me the most about the situation was that the kid was so young.. just 14! "

in this case, i think it is purely the age factor that makes all the difference. i think teenage is a tough period in life. with soaring hormones and conflicting emotions, teenagers happen to live in a confused and vulnerable stage. to top it all, today's teenagers are even more prone to influence by media and peers. all this makes them behave in such a fashion that might be termed as a 'deviation'. the other day, i was at this restaurant and noticed this girl - she must have ben 13 or 14 at the most, kept looking at me every now and then. luckily for me, it didn't make me nervous or anything and so i just ignored her. more than anything, it is also an age which fills us with the curiosity of looking out for enexplored territories - things that have strinctly belonged to the adult domain.

as for child abuse and related things, i thing it is a serious malice. i think we must spread the word and make our children betetr prepared. but somehere, i am also inclined to believe that we must inculcate healthier thoughts rigth from chilhood - coz thats where the problems seem to start.

How do we know said...

hi Aradhana: Sorry missed responding to ur comment earlier. You already know my answer, dont u? Just talk to someone about it, crib for a while, then see a Hrithik Roshan movie and feel gud abt the fact that actors like him exist, and go to sleep!

HI Chiya: Chalo aap vaapis to aayi!

Hi Dharmabum: I agree with everything u said. This lady also started out by ignoring, but eventually it became just too ridiculous even for her! What i agree with the most, is the need to inculcate a sense of right and wrong early, and the best way to do it is through example, not through precept.

fairscape said...


from what i've read regarding sexual abuse, a fourteen year old who is acting out this way has probably already been the victim of abuse

some one had to have showed him this behavior at a young age and now in his rage he begins to show it back to others