Sunday, December 24, 2006

This post is dedicated to the reverse romantic. The incorrigible romantic who is so lost that no living human can possibly match the surge in the heart. So, the surge in the heart is left to be alone. That way, at least it is complete.

When you direct that romance towards a living person, the direction of the surge is seized by the limit of the recipient. But the surge in the heart is the size of a tsunami, and most people are not even Shiva enough to handle a river, let alone a tsunami. The choice, is to tame the tsunami and to find something like fulfilment, or to let the tsunami be and to attempt self annihilation.

So far, the self annihilation part hasn't worked out. But the tsunami remains. It cannot a river be.


Chiya said...

Dear HDWK,

My take on this is "Direction of surge gets limited by the limit of reciepient only if there is an expectation of reciporacation from the recipient" If this expectation is not there it is not limited.

Also, fill a container more than the capacity, it will for sure overflow but look at the content which is inside the container and not outside.

Whats say?

How do we know said...

My dear Chiya:

Thank you so much for understanding exactly what one was trying to say..

One can see how full the container is, or one can see how much the container failed to hold.. like I said, one can either live with something like fulfilment, or one can live with perennial dissatisfaction.. :-)

So really, we are on the same page!

Chiya said...

I know the perennial dissatisfaction.. isnt easy to handle... I often tell myself this

"Sweetheart Chiya, relax....don't fret you are gifted with a tsunami inside you, just dont dishonour it by looking at someone else's limitation, Be happy that you are not the recipient with the limited capacity"

Can't tell you how Glad I am to be on the same page. May be for the first time I have found someone putting words to what I always had in mind.

How do we know said...

That is soooo true!!! Thanks.. that does a lot for my mental well being! ;-)

dharmabum said...

"The incorrigible romantic who is so lost that no living human can possibly match the surge in the heart."

i have a humble suggestion - u cud direct the tsunami to something more infinite, than mere human beings. it would be most uplifting.

so forget abt people who are not siva enough (for if they were, we wouldn't find them looking for anything!) - and look for siva himself.

har har gange!