Friday, December 08, 2006

Charred remains of the day
On a ghostly night
Bid farewell
To silenced dreams
Of Dawn.

This poem is more a reminder of the days that await us, should we want to go back to communal hatred and religious myopia.

Its about the memoirs of the partition.


Neihal said...

a very interesting appealing blog you have....and loved that piece of poetry in the last post as well....beautiful :)....

priya said...

Farewell to silenced dreams of dawn.

Thaz so well written. Silenced dreams can at times be a killer too when people go crazy each other in bloodshed.

Sugarlips said...

Few words but very well written !

Stay Beautiful...!!

Nabeel said...

hmmm .. the question is why would someone wanna go back to such times .. well .. yaa worst times are ahead and unfortunately there will be such times and much worst.

Wriju said...

Pertinent even today :-(

stellar said...

really nice work.. luved it..and the below post is just awesome..u made my day, thanks a ton for all the wishes and comments on my blog..i always wait for your cr

How do we know said...

Hi Neihal: Thanks!

Hi Priya: True! Just what I am increasingly afraid of.

Hi sugarlips: Thanks! :-)

Hi Nabbel: Zulm ki inteha bhi hoti hai, Hogi, pehle ye sab hua hoga...

Hangama kitna hi kar jaata hai,
Akhir kar Sikandar bhi mar jaata hai!

Wriju: Sadly, yes, and increasingly so.

Hi Stellar: And i for yours! ;-) Wish you both a lot of happiness!