Sunday, December 17, 2006

Kabul Express

Just saw Kabul Express and HAD to blog about it.. its a SUPER movie.

I went with a very bored another-concept-film-all-gone-wrong-neither-concept-nor-entertainment attitude towards the film. That spectacular jaane kuda na jaane khuda video was to blame. They should never have made that video. Grossly misrepresents the film.

He has made such a nice film, no money should be wasted on adding masala to a way above par product.

One, its a sincere, true film.
Two, it talks to you without talking down.
Three, it doesnt look and feel like a documentary, but does the job of one.
Four, it uses Pashto with English subtitles where necessary!

The messages of the film are haunting, and true. The way the characters are juxtaposed creates a sort of complex chemistry that I have not seen since Schindler's List.

The actors are superb!! Its the kind of acting that makes you realise what you've been missing. No sorry apology for acting will ever do after you've seen this film.

GO see this film.. its under 2 hours, and is a sound investment in yourself.

Then, come back and tell me what you think. People outside India can use a DVD and people in the US really MUST see it..


Aradhna said...

Great Movie,

Arshad Vaarsi replaced Manoj Vajpai and Ashutosh Rana as my fav actor after this movie.

Di said...

i was wondering abt the movie...maybe i will c it after all!!

Sugarlips said...

I was a bit baffled jaon kai na jaon but I think now I'm gonna go & watch "Kabhul Express" on tuesday...I like Arshad Warsi...I'm also waiting for Abhishek's movie "Guru" :) I hope its good cuz I can't miss Abhishek's movies :) He is awefully cute!

Stay Beautiful...!!

Neihal said...

saw the movie yesterday....too good!

Di said...

pics for my prev post are finally up..thought u may like to c them.. :)

Estella said...

thanks dear :)

sophie said...

This film really affected me and
your comparison to Schindlers
list was perfect - especially with
the characterization.
Nicely reviewed!!

dharmabum said...

arshad warsi is alright, but i just can't stand john abraham. so plastic :(

but yes, am curious and wil definitely watch kabul express. if not for anything else, it will be to feel good about indian cinema (especially hindi cinema) crossing some self impoased barriers and breaking some age old traditions.

Neha said...

i wanted to se it last weekend but cudnt!! will def try n catch it this time..

Jagdish Bhatia said...

एक अच्छी फिल्म देखने के लिये सुझाव देने क्के लिये धन्यवाद। आज ही देख कर आया। बहुत अच्छी लगी। :)

How do we know said...

Hi Chiya: Hai na!! Arshad Varsi became my fave right after that classic act of dropping Bapu off to the taxi in Munnabhai! :-)

Hi Di: Do go, and tell me what you think!

Hi Sugarlips: Dekh kar aaiye, and tell us what u think!
i dont like Abhishek at all, and after watching Dhoom 2 last night, i really think Hrithik is GOD!! :-)

Hi Neihal: :-)

Hi Di: thanks for letting me know.. am on my way there now!

Hi Tell me no more: :-)

Hi Sophie: You saw it?! Thats super!! Yes, the shot in Schindler's List where he is negotiating with the prison commander.. was such a juxtaposition..Thank you for seeing the similarity too! :-)

Hi Dharma: Haan do see, and tell us for sure what u think.

Hi Neha: Do go.. and also dont miss Dhoom 2.. abt 20 times.. Hrithik is GOD!! Since yesterday, i must have said that at least 2000 times! Everyone in office has given up on me! ;-)

Aaina Ji: Aap itne din the kahaan? Bade din mein aaye!? Apke liye ek bahut sahi cheez mili hai.. abhi us ka net par pata khoj rahi hoon.. nahi mila to Flickr par daal kar url bata denge. you'll like it.

Gangadhar said...

Thanks for recommendation..
It's on my watch-list this weekend..


The Phosgene Kid said...

I will have to see if I can track this down, I never heard of it. The only movie I have seen about Afghanistan is "Beast" about a Russian tank crew when they were mired down in their little sight seeing trip in the country.

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Sayesha said...

I loved it too! And yes, the video of the Kabul Fiza song is stoooopid! :P

Anonymous said...


Shadows of life said...

Ouch! You gotta read my post on kabul express. You can find it in my blog.