Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This MUST be read!

Flicked this from www.sayesha.blogspot.com. Red this long post, and you will know why. Really, READ IT!!

Here's the story - about a year ago, Virdi posted the lyrics of the Bulla song on his blog, which incidentally all of us were in love with but we had no freakin' clue what it meant!
And Weird Hair Anil made a brilliant attempt to translate it. People who have been around here would remember it, but it was a real pity that the masterpiece was confined to the comment space. So I have decided to bring it out once again, and put it under its well-deserved spotlight.

So here it is, for all new bewdas, for the first time at Sayeshaz, some very good 'imported wine'.Presenting, ladies and gentlemen, the translation that you should read when you don't have time to go to the gym and do crunches.

And oh, please note how polite I used to be with Virdi last year! ;)
Sayesha said...
Hey Virdi,I love the song! Would really really appreciate an English translation!

Anil said... You ass (why do you force me to start every comment with 'you ass').. how can we understand all that punjabi? english translation please!and don't give me any gaalis :-)

Anil said... Wait, let me try to translate:

Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun.
Tell me who I am (4).

Na main moman vich maseetan, Na main vich kufar dian reetan, Na main pakan vich paleetan.
I am not my mother's son, I am not digging my own grave, I am not boring you.

Na main andar bed kitaban, Na main rehnda phaang sharaban, Na main rehnda mast kharaban.
I don't get anyone into my bed, I don't drink sharaab, I don't know how to party.

Na main shadi na ghamnaki, Na main vich paleetan pakeen, Na main aaabi na main khaki.
No one wants to do shaadi with me, No one will cook for me, and no one likes my khakhi underpants.

Na main aatish na main paun, Bulla ki jana main kaun, Bulla ki jana main kaun, Bulla ki jana main kaun, Bulla ki jana main kaun.
I have no 'drive'. Tell me who I am (3).

Na main arabi na lahori, Na main hindi shehar Nagaori, Na hindu na turk pashauri.
I am not from Arabia or Lahore, nor am I from a hindi town, not even hindu or a bloody turk.

Na main bhet mazhab de paya, Na main aadam hawwa jaya, Na koi apna naam dharaya.
I gave religion but received none, all I got was hot air, and no can can still tell me my name.

Avval aakhar aap nu jana, Na koi dooja hor pacchana, Mai ton na koi hor syana.
You think you are great, that no one else is as good, but I am also a 'shaana' (smartass).

Bulle shah kharha hai kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun
What does the Shah of Bulle eat? Tell me who am I (3).

Na main moosa na pharoah, Na main jagan na vich saun, Na main aatish na main paun, Na main rahnda vich Nadaun, Na main baitthan na vich bhaun, Bulle shah kharha hai kaun
I am not a moose or a pharoah, I cannot wake or sleep, I have no 'drive', I cannot stay or leave, I cannot sit or stand because I want to know who I am!

Tell me who I am (3) Oooooo.. Tell me who I am . ===========================================================

My favourite part? "Tell me who I am Oooooo"! :D


BiScUiTs said...

I like 'no one likes my khakhi underpants' haha!

Nidhi Narayan said...

hi had read the translation long back on your blog, good u put it on the front page, and i see u have a lot of visitors coming along......but why have u stopped posting those wonderful poems???? i was really hooked on to them....

How do we know said...

HI Biscuit: Long time! Gud to c u're back! :-)

Hi Nidhi: Patience, dear! Poetry and I cannot stay apart for too long.. on your special request, the next post will be some great poetry!! :-)

Kumar Chetan said...

If this was for fun then it was not that "phunny"
Try reading this page -> http://www.chowk.com/show_article.cgi?aid=00004026&channel=leafyglade%20inn
Consider me as a fanatic who likes sufi music and poetry.

Wriju said...

This is truly hilarious!!
.. khaki underpants .. hehe