Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Amir Khusro Classics..


रात समय वह मेरे आवे। भोर भये वह घर उठि जावे॥
यह अचरज है सबसे न्यारा। ऐ सखि साजन? ना सखि तारा॥

नंगे पाँव फिरन नहिं देत। पाँव से मिट्टी लगन नहिं देत॥
पाँव का चूमा लेत निपूता। ऐ सखि साजन? ना सखि जूता॥

वह आवे तब शादी होय। उस बिन दूजा और न कोय॥
मीठे लागें वाके बोल। ऐ सखि साजन? ना सखि ढोल॥

जब माँगू तब जल भरि लावे। मेरे मन की तपन बुझावे॥
मन का भारी तन का छोटा। ऐ सखि साजन? ना सखि लोटा॥

बेर-बेर सोवतहिं जगावे। ना जागूँ तो काटे खावे॥
व्याकुल हुई मैं हक्की बक्की। ऐ सखि साजन? ना सखि मक्खी॥

अति सुरंग है रंग रंगीले। है गुणवंत बहुत चटकीलो॥
राम भजन बिन कभी न सोता। क्यों सखि साजन? ना सखि तोता॥

अर्ध निशा वह आया भौन। सुंदरता बरने कवि कौन॥
निरखत ही मन भयो अनंद। क्यों सखि साजन? ना सखि चंद॥

शोभा सदा बढ़ावन हारा। आँखिन से छिन होत न न्यारा॥
आठ पहर मेरो मनरंजन। क्यों सखि साजन? ना सखि अंजन॥

जीवन सब जग जासों कहै। वा बिनु नेक न धीरज रहै॥
हरै छिनक में हिय की पीर। क्यों सखि साजन? ना सखि नीर॥

बिन आये सबहीं सुख भूले। आये ते अँग-अँग सब फूले॥
सीरी भई लगावत छाती। क्यों सखि साजन? ना सखि पाति॥

- अमीर खुसरो


Maddy said...

beautiful pictures -
i wish i could read arabic?
is it arabic?

Leila said...

no, that's not arabic. But the picture looks Persian. So I'd guess something near Iran...but not Arabic.

Maharashtra Medicos said...

Your blog is really different from all.Good work.Keep it up.

How do we know said...

Hi Maddy and Leila: Actually, its Hindi.. the language from India. THe piece is also in the native Indian tongue. The pictures are Indian Miniature Painting..the one on top is Kangra School, which developed in the lower Himalayas about 15th -17th century and is my personal favorite among all the schools of Indian miniature painting.
Am not sure of the school of the second painting..

Dear Maharashtramedicos: Thanks!

Wriju said...

Lovely miniature paintings :-)
I collected a few during my Udaipur trip last year ...

And a great Amir Khusro poem ...
I thought I had forgotten to read Hindi ...

How do we know said...

Hi Wriju: Apparently, u have not forgotten :-) there will be more of this here! The Hindi script,that is!

Jagdish Bhatia said...

बुल्ले शाह, बहुत खूब, हीरा खोज कर लाए हो।

Nabeel said...

ohhh i have heard about amir khusroo .. i have heard about his tales .. when i was a kid but i don't remember then now.

can u translate .. why did u write in Hindi .. the post i.e. ..

Nabeel said...

no maddy .. it's hindi .. arabic is similar to urdu .. hindi is similar to bengali .. the text ofcourse

How do we know said...

Aaina ji: :-) Thank you! haan heera to ye hai.. aur delho apko yahaan kya kya milta hai.. Meera bahut milegi..

Hi Nabeel: The post is in Hindi bcs some time ago someone taught me how to post in Hindi, and Amir Khusro and Premchand are best read in the native tongue.. this is not even Hindi.. only the script is Devanagari.. also used to write Hindi.
Am afraid I cant translate.. did try though.. but the whole magic of this poem is in the words, and the lyrical structuring of words in the native tongue. I will be a disaster trying to translate THIS!

Madhuri Shinde said...

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iFaqeer said...

Would you consider transliterating? That's what we, or at least I, do at

Thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way.

Anonymous said...

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good boy said...

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