Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Things to do before I Die..

.. aka, Things that will make my life VERY HAPPY!

1. Fly a plane. I mean, REALLY Fly one.. preferably, an open chopper.
2. Read all my favorite poetry.
3. Go to Kashmir. With no deadline to return. AT ALL. I might come back in a day, or a fortnight, or never.
4. Go to Machu Puchu and see the Nazca lines.
5. Go to Harappa and Mohenjo daro with my children, and hope that they will be interested.
6. Feel the magic of the Golden Temple at dawn.
7. Do a PhD.
8. Para Glide.
9. Have an Out of Body Experience. Then to have some more, till they are routine.
10. Sit all night with my friends on an open terrace, around a fire, and talk all night about existential questions and answers for all of us.
11. Spend the night with my soul mate under the full moon sky, on a bare rock by a river bed, with the river in our ears and the moon in our shut eyes.
12. Become a teacher in a residential school based in the mountains, with my family. (Both of us teach and the kids study in the school).
13. Paint.
14. Lose weight.

What's your list?


Nishu said...

Nice dreams and wish list.

But I dont know my dreams. I again thought, I simply dont know. I think its a shame. Thanks for reminding me..i'll soon make my wish list.


Wriju said...

Your first pic ;-)

My list would also include a host of places I'd like to visit.
Isles of Greece, a ride of the Trans Siberian Express all the way to Vladivostok ( a la Dr. Zhivago), Czech republic and Slovenia, Castles of Bavaria and Romania.

Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Florence, Rome.

Tibet, Leh, Ulan Bator, a rainforest in Brazil, Serengeti National Park ... of the list is endless.
I'd like to have all the experiences possible in this lifetime :-)

Tell me no more of enchanted days said... was such a nice poem...put it back's meant to be read..and its not sugary at all, real yes.

Madhu said...

That's a nice list. Hope u get to do all these things.

Known Stranger said...

simple think - no responsiblities, just chit chat, watch movies, go to beach, chat with friends, read books, listen music - no working and commitments.

Gaurav said...

Hey I thought you will write about a 101 things that u wanna do :)
Most interesting list I must say... "Get a Phd"!!! :):):)
Even i wish the same :D

How do we know said...

Hi Nishu: Am sure they will come to you! Let me know when you've made your list... for sure!

Hi Wriju: yeah... my first pic! :-) it was really simple! Now i am experimenting with links.. how does one add some more blogs as links here? I can't seem to get it right!
All the experiences possible in this life time? thats interesting.. but these experiences include only travel?

Hi Tell me no more: Let bygones be bygones :-) am glad u liked it though! What do u think of this list.. and whats urs?

Hi Madhu: I hope so too!!

Hi Known Stranger: hmm.. thats an easy thought! How do u manage to have such deep poetry and such simple thoughts at the same time?!!

Hi Goofy: i really REALLY tried to make it 101 things.. but cld only think of 11.. but dont worry.. i plan to expand the list by and by! where is ur list??

Ekta said...

oh wow!
Mine is huge..really huge!
But one thing is sure..
Travel,travel, travel!!...maybe thats three already!
Great list and lovely blog!
Thx for dropping by at mine!:-)

Wriju said...

Much more :-)
Write books, start a company, try skyjumping, relearn the guitar, learn salsa, learn cooking, a night in the forest ...

Links - You can add them under the Google News, IT Toolbox ones by just copying the line and changing the URL.
Else you could try blogrolling like some of my friends do.

saby said...

may all your dreamz come true
but add to your dreamz list

lest u die

saby said...

i dream dat i never ever have to work for a living

i.e. i never ever again accept a job i dont like

out of majboori

saby said...

that i never ever again have to marry the girl i love

saby said...

read the alchemist by paolo coelho if u havent

Nidhi Narayan said...

these r pretty interesting, hope to put one list soon on my blog to.

Boldnbeautiful said...

hey this is good one. I am inspired to write my list..

How do we know said...

Hi Ekta: Great! my guess is, you'll be surprised when you do sit down to that list.. till then, just tell us the places u'd like to visit! :-)

Hi Wriju: Thanks! That url thing does not seem to be working too well. Will try it again, and also blogrolling, and will consult u again! I am technologically challenged!
And yes, now that list makes so much more sense!

Hi Saby: Will add to my dreams.. and ur list is pretty impressive too.. esp the one that says, never having to marry the girl i love again.. exactly how many times have u done that so far..?(just curious!)
PS: I have read the alchemist!

Hi Nidhi/boldnbeautiful: write one SOON! So we can exchange notes and borrow shamelessly from each other!

Jagdish Bhatia said...

ईश्वर करे आपकी सब कामनाएँ शीघ्र पूरी हों।
अपनी लिस्ट बताऊँ? मरने से पहले इतना कुछ करना है कि लिस्ट बनाने का समय नहीं है।
एक बात और- आपके ब्लाग का शीर्षक बहुत अच्छा है।

VarunMayan said...

Thanwad ji!! Even your collection is nice. I'll try to write in Gurmukhi from now ownwards

catch 22 said...

10 and 11 my personal favorites :).

How do we know said...

आइना: धन्यवाद! ब्लोग के शीर्षक के लिये! पहली बार किसी ने शीर्षक की तारीफ की है, और मुझे ये सूफी कलाम बहुत अच्छा लगता है!

Varun: Welcome! Haan, Hindi Hindi mein aur Punjabi Gurmukhi mein! :-)aapke blog ki vajah se maine bhi Punjabi seekh li!

Hi Catch22: mine too.. actually they are all equally imp to me.. where is ur list?!

VarunMayan said...

check it today

How do we know said...

ਚੰਗਾ ਕੀਤਾ ਜੇ !

Manish said...

Amrita Preetam ki kavita aur upanyaas ke anshon ko pesh karne ka shukriya.

How do we know said...

Manish: The Pleasure is entirely mine!
एक और अमृता प्रीतम को पसन्द करने वाला पाठक मिला, यही बहुत है!!

Jackal said...

nice list ..but wht are u waiting for..get moving.......