Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Maddy Tagged me. So here goes:

I am thinking about....a lot of things, all at the same time!
I said a lot of wise words which, thankfully, no one heard!
I want a dream on a piece of the sky.
I wish for a child.
I miss a lot of people..
I hear the fan whirring in this room.
I wonder if everything in life is so gray, why do people want to live in blacks and whites?
I regret nothing.
I am ..who knows??!!
I dance when I am alone
I sing when they need to scare the cows.
I cry .. not very often, but always like the rains.. torrential.
I am not always politically correct.
I make with my hands .. lots of stuff! Mostly pottery.
I write about sorrow.
I confuse names and faces.. tremendously!
I need loving
I should try and grow up.
I start what I seldom finish.
I finish .. hmm… lets c.. Tags!!
I Tag Z, Ekta, Deepa, Nidhi, Tell me no more, Biscuit, Stellar, Nabeel.


Wriju said...

I sing when they need to scare the cows!!! Thats hilarious :-)

Jackal said...

nice ..funny....tccc

Maddy said...

I don't think you should grow
up - no no no no!!!
All the fun and silliness is
what make this world a
pleasure and sunshiny!!


Ekta said...

Neat list!!!
U do pottery!!
wow!..uv gotta be damn good with ur hands must say..thats a tough hobby!;-)

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

filled them up :)

Jackal said...

hi ..plzz take a look at my new post urgently..n help to save some one..

stellar said...

hey whatever u wrote about ur self in few words is quite impressive..pottery..ur hands must be made for creations only be evolving smthing out of mud or words...kool

Z said...

Thanks for the tag. Done it!
I loved yours, humorous and thought-provoking, but as always you only tell us what you choose to let us know.

Chiya said...

Even though I was not taged still thought of participating for fun.

I am thinking about.. Friends.

I said "Life is a matter of perception"

I want to learn all the Shashtras, Vedas and Upnishads along with all the Theological and mythological history of India

I wish I could take away the pain I inflicted on someone.

I miss School days

I hear my inner voice though I never act on that.

I wonder how do people write so good.

I regret my impulsiveness.

I am ..Very Thoughtful and loving.

I dance when I booze

I sing when i have to torture the listeners.

I cry when I am too happy.

I am not always Nice to know.

I make with my hands Food for hubby.
I write nothing.

I confuse between love and liking.

I need appreciation and encouragement

I should Accept facts of life.

I start thinking too much even when it is not required.

I finish : food on my plate always (papa says thats a good habit)

How do we know said...

Hi Wriju: Ha ha! At least there is something funny in an otherwise boring post! btw, i read ur response to this tag in the message section. smart of u to hide it there.. put it on ur blog please.. like a nice person!

Hi Jackal: I should have tagged u! Consider urself tagged now.. belated!! :-)

Hi Maddy: OK, i wont grow up! :-))

Hi Ekta: How have u been? when is ur neat list coming up? Am waiting!

Hi tell me no more: Thanks! Saw ur post.. and have written there!!

Hi Stellar: Thanks!! btw, I tagged u too.. when are you posting your list?

Hi z: :-) It was lovely.. and well.. i actually tell all there is to know about me, there just isnt much :-) btw, I still dont know your name!!

Dear Chiya: You're the Best!! You actually participated on ur own! Cool!!!!
So, u like to cook for hubby and u miss school days.. i have a feeling it will be interesting to know u better!! :-)

Z said...

and I don't know yours either ;-)
Of course I'll tell you if you wish.

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

didn't know wriju had been tagged. doesn't make any difference. it's always good to know more abt him :P
as for the crying part, it's raining like crazy here. don't need no more showers :)

Ekta said...

Terribly busy!!!!!!!!
Wrong timing!!:-(
Hopefully should be able to take out sometime next week!

Chiya said...

Feeling is mutual. only that to me, for no reason, it seems I already know you....

Vasu said...

Hmmm... Your thought on life is quite true.

Why is it black and white????

BiScUiTs said...

Ah I confuse names and faces too, and places as well haha.

Nabeel said...

u wish for a child haan .. boy or a girl? .. i love the fan point .. i sometimes like the fan noise in a room .. are u talking about a pedestial fan?

would love to see some of your pottery pictures that u've made ..

Nidhi Narayan said...

hi, i know am writing after a long time, will write about it sometime on my blog......take care.

Deepa said...


Known Stranger said...

this tagging was different then

How do we know said...

Hi z: I am not as nnice as u r.. am just too curious.. so tell me!

HI Tell me no more: Does Wriju know how much better u know him now? :-)

Hi Ekta: Will wait. After ur post on husband saving u for 2 hours.. am sure what you post will be a hajaar gud read. So, you are now on the Most Awaited list!

Hi Chiya: gud. so lets just take it at that. that we know each other. :-)

Hi Vasu: i dont know.. thats why I wonder.. na? I really liked ur blog a lot!

Hi Biscuit: Then you know what it is to share coffee with a person for 2 years without knowing their name! ha ha!!

Hi Nabeel: yep, i think the fan sound is a comfort noise for all of us.. cant post any pottery i have done bcs i dont keep any.. and its been really long..

hi Nidhi: Jaldi likho, and yes, what happened to the acco? incidentally, i am also desperately looking for a place to stay at the moment.. in a adifferent city of course.

Hi Deepa: me saw. Thanks! And posted mah comments there!

Hi Known Stranger: ?? which tagging was different.. and how.. sorry, am completely lost here!!

Z said...

I'm Zoë.

You probably know this ...... but the dots above the e are a diaerisis, to show that the e is pronounced. It's Greek and means Life - because my mother had almost given up hope of having a second baby. I was, very much, a wanted child.

How do we know said...

Hi z: That is a lovely name!! And being a "wanted child".. :-) perhaps a privilege..

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

i know him much better already. he's become a good friend of mine. n thats not because of the list :)

how r u doing mr how do we know?
does how do we know know that we know what he knows, but thinks noone knows? ...guess some of us are intuitive ;)

How do we know said...

Hi Tell me no more: This, i need to know. How do u know it is Mr.?

Chiya said...

Sure.... it would be fun to know you BETTER.:)