Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Life Sentence

Every single day
I get up
And wish
for death.
Most days
it becomes
a fervent, pleading prayer.

And yet, nothing happens.

The Gods call it
A Life Sentence.

When they give you a long life
And make all of it
feel like
A sentence.


Wriju said...

Read your poem and I thought about my granny in her home, all alone. Most often she is lost in her books and people do come over to see her every now and then.
I stay far away, in a different city, but sometimes she comes over and other times I visit her. Then for some fleeting moments her face bears a broad beaming smile :-)

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

thanks...i don't know what else to say..going thru very trying times in life..but i'm sure i'll get by.. :)

How do we know said...

Hi Wriju:
Wow! yes.. somehow, things you write remind me of Anne Frank so often.. this one also reminds me of a very profound thing that I read in Anne Frank's diary..

Dear Tell me no more:
Whatever it is, am arnd if u need to talk... and in the meantime, take care..

stellar said...

Hey thanks for appreciation...really liked ur poem :-) somewhat true too.
tk cr

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

u..stranger...hmm..i get more n more suspicious abt u day by day..espc the way u write, what u all sounds so familiar :P

Nidhi Narayan said...

hi, this ones really hits hard on the face, so true.....and well written.

How do we know said...

Hi Stellar: Anytime!!

Hi tell me no more: Where is the surprise if you connect with someone you do not know in the physical world? For all you know, we might just connect in the physical world too! :-)

Hi Nidhi: Thanks! How have u been?

Known Stranger said...

well written. a deep thought rising in me.

a life sentence with a single short word .

Deepa said...

hey there...
Lovely poem....but dont pray for death....pray for the courage of surving through the bad times...death is easy...surviving is difficult...n i think any person who survives LIFE happily is closer to GOD....

catch 22 said...

So profound. Good blog u have here. :)