Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I must have been
Written in pencil
Somewhere on your surface
The depths of you
Reserved for someone else
I lift, flake
And am gone
With one quick breath
Soft and bruised
I linger
My shell translucent
And you are
For all the world to see
Carved in my bones

- Patricia DeGenaro
(From of long ago)


Jackal said...

nice lil

VarunMayan said...

This one is nice...vaise us she'r ko main recursive(computer jargon) she'r kehta hoon. And I use it too frequently while talking with friends especially when mujhe unhe naa milne pe taana dena ho

stellar said...

this is awesome...really luved it..yahin hoon..alive and fighting cr

Maddy said...

carved in my bones

love it

Nabeel said...

carved in my bones ..

Nabeel said...

simply ... aaa .. aaa .. carved in my bones .. simply .. well .. a line that makes you look in void

Wriju said...

Sort of how you feel when you are not loved back :-)

nishu said...

nice poem.

Nabeel said...

ahh written in pencil .. yes .. pencil is better than pen .. i have always though .. see you can fall in love with a pencil .. u take care of it .. sharpen it and what not .. with a pen .. that's missing

Manish said...

This one is very nice.. I liked it..
have been busy with my prof and personal life buddy.. I went through your Amrita Pritam collection.. those are nice ones.. :-)

take care..