Saturday, December 16, 2017

Because i read Sylvia Plath today, and got the courage to write this..

I like to live
in 2 worlds
One, that is bright
with the light of gratitude
and flush
with the glow of happiness
all around.
This world
is pretty
And its yours.

And then
there is the world
that is mine.
In that
the light is brighter
but it does not belong to gratitude.
The colors
are richer
more like pen knives
than hues.

In this world
I live sometimes
and some nights
I come here to sleep.

In this world
we do not avoid pain
we embrace it
like in your world
you embrace "happiness"
possessions, and other pointless things
that you and your children
keep collecting.

In this world
all my hues
are alive and valid
No monsters
are pushed under the bed.

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