Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fever 103 by Sylvia Plath

This is an excerpt from the poem Fever 103 by Sylvia Plath

I am too pure for you or anyone.
Your body
Hurts me as the world hurts God. I am a lantern——

My head a moon
Of Japanese paper, my gold beaten skin
Infinitely delicate and infinitely expensive.

Does not my heat astound you! And my light!
All by myself I am a huge camellia
Glowing and coming and going, flush on flush.

I think I am going up,
I think I may rise——
The beads of hot metal fly, and I love, I
Am a pure acetylene

Attended by roses,

By kisses, by cherubim,
By whatever these pink things mean!

Not you, nor him

Nor him, nor him
(My selves dissolving, old whore petticoats)——
To Paradise.

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