Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Logic Puzzle - The Parker Children

I have always wanted to create the kind of Logic puzzles that one enjoys doing so much. Here is the first set that i have ever been able to finish. This one is a very simple puzzle. Tell me if you liked it. If you have never done logic puzzles, this is an excellent starting point too. Finish the puzzle and then post your answer in the comments.

The Parker Children

4 children were born to May and Julie Parker. Both May and Julie died together last week, and the children are here for the funeral(and the will). The will has some curious clause. It says the eldest gets 40% of the estate, the next born 30% of the estate and so on. Each child now claims to be the first born.

Only some old women from the village will remember, but their memory is less than perfect, so they sit down to exchange notes.

1. The first born was a girl. How Julie used to fuss over her “My Baby! My Doll! My Norma!”
2. Oh no, she came later. Norma was after Janice. I’m sure of that.
3. Clay was before Treo, but after Janice.
4. Janice was elder to Treo for sure.
5. And Norma was also elder to Treo.
6. Clay was built smaller than Norma.
If you answer all the following questions now, you can get a bonus of 10 points:
· Who was the first born?
· Who was the second?
· Who was the third?
· Who came first – Norma or Clay?
· Who is the youngest?

OK, it is not possible to answer 3 of these questions – yet. So the old women sit down again and one of them suddenly exclaims:
“Oh, I remember now. Norma was 2 years old at the time of the bull fight. She was the youngest of the Parker children, and clung to all 4 other Parkers by turns.”

What is the order of the children?


How do we know said...

The order of the children is: Janice, Clay, Norma, Treo.

~nm said...

Oye! Khud hi question pooch kar khud hi answer de diya???

How do we know said...

~nm: arre vo to key mujhe dena hi tha na. did u get an answer?

RJ said...

I didn't know you posted the answers in the comment. I spend some time solving it (For a change, I had the same order too) Keep it suspense for a while - that's the fun!!

RJ said...

Btw, enjoyed the puzzle. Keep'em coming. Helps my rotten mommy brain.

dharmabum said...

godit :)

how u been? don't see u around much these days ;)

Solitaire said...

Oh no!! Mujhe GRE ka anal section yaad aaya!!

How do we know said...

Ok people, here is the next one... coming up.

Homecooked said...

While reading your riddle, even I got Janice,Clay,Norma and Treo but the last para had me stumped where the old lady says that Norma is the youngest.

How do we know said...

Hi Nomecooked: There was that key phrase "In the year of the bullfight.." :-)

PG said...

another good one. I was wondering about the questions untill you gave the last hint. :)