Saturday, July 05, 2008

This tag comes from Manpreet, and honestly, is not a good read.

I'm: who knows?
I think: more than is necessary.
I know: nothing.
I want: Deliverance.
I have: a lot more than I deserve.
I wish: sab kuchh khuda se maang liya tujh ko maang kar, Uthate nahi hain haath mere, is duaa ke baad.
I hate: on a good day, nothing. On a bad day, everything.
I miss: time with my mother, old friends, and nights under the moon on a hostel terrace.
I fear: ghosts!!
I feel: a lot more than one can afford, a lot less than one wants.
I hear: my current fave songs – Show Me Your Jalwa from Aaja Nach le.. such a wonderful song to draw mothers out!
I smell: good coffee..
I search: google, always google.
I wonder: where the sense of wonder went…
I regret: not being kinder, not enjoying attention when it was being paid, being as direct as I have been.
I love: on a good day, everything. On a bad day, just Ishaan.
I ache: aaah!!
I care: for the trees. And I worry for them.
I am not: Since I don’t know what I am, pointless to think of what I m not. If I am at all…
I believe: in God.
I dance: only the Gidda.
I sing: for Ishaan. All the time.
I cry: easily with movies.
I don’t always: think before I speak. (like just now)
I fight: more than there is time for in the world.
I write: absolute complete nonsense.
I win: God, I don’t win bets. And used to win hearts.
I lose: easily and well.
I never: play unfair. No matter how big or small the game.
I always: pray at least once a day.
I confuse: ALWAYS names and faces.
I listen: to the small still inner voice.
I can usually be found: with Ishaan.
I am scared: of ghosts.
I need: food, water, clothing, shelter and peace.
I am happy about: Lots of things.

Please do take up the tag if you fancy it.


Forever Young said...

very interesting!
oooh i am going to do this too...
thanks for always visiting my blog, hugs.

human being said...

now i've got a feeling i know you much better...
and would like to give you a big hug...

"I never: play unfair. No matter how big or small the game."

you are a gem...

kiss Ishaan for me...

Sach said...

I so loved this tag when I did this.

Btw...nice blog :)

How do we know said...

Hi Forever young: Am waiting for u to do this blog.. though i dont comment as often, i do go to ur blog...

Hi HUman being: Oh, u liked it? Thanks!! thank you,also, for the hug... I will kiss Ishaan for you today.. he'll like it... and here's a hug coming ur way too...

Hi sach: wait, i m on my way there now..