Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Logic Puzzle 2 - Aunt Maurice’s Gifts

Aunt Maurice got 7 balls for the 7 children of her brother. But she made one BIG mistake. She got 7 different colors. Now each child wants a color of his choice. Check if Maurice has balls enough to meet everyone’s choice.

1. Asha does not want a blue ball or a white ball.
2. Chandru MUST have only his purple ball or the blue ball. He likes the purple ball better though.
3. Fanny quite fancies the purple and hates the red, green, blue, white, violet.
4. Bela is a good dancer and wants to be rewarded with a green ball. That is final.
5. The yellow ball is for Donna.
6. Esha will take anything that no one else wants, but Guddu wants either red or violet.

Question: Can everyone’s needs be met?

If no, please stop here.. If yes, here is your final clue:
Finally, Asha chooses the red ball.
Now, complete the list of which child got what.


Z said...

Asha - Red
Bela - Green
Chandru (mildly disappointed) - Blue
Donna - Yellow
Esha (sweet-natured child) - White
Fanny - Purple
Guddu - Violet

Homecooked said...

Asha - red

RJ said...

I think this was a easy one :
Chandru =Blue

How do we know said...

Bingo!! All of you got this right!!

Here's the next one coming up.

PG said...

I just saw this puzzle, and i my answers are the same. Needless to say, now that you have declared the right answers! :)

Manish Raj said...

Hey Bhagwan...

soulbrush said...

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