Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cuill and Scour

This fortnight's highlights were the 2 new search engines - and is supposed to be Google's nemesis to be, started by an ex employee, and "not-for-sale".

- The Search Results Layout : What a Layout! Easy to read, easy to search and in general, way better than the generic word for net search - google.
- Search Speed - Almost as fast as google.

Oh, everything else. The search results were not relevant and in general, it took a long time to find what we wanted. Not one for utility. Not yet at any rate. is unique in another way. It supposedly gives u loyaly points every time u use the engine and then the loyalty points are converted to money - hard cash. Another first.
Also, depends on network marketing(one more time). If u introduce ppl, u get 1/4th of their points - just like that. (These points are also converted to hard cash)

- You see search results from yahoo, google and msn, complete with how high up this link appears on each engine (double somersault of glee)
- You can vote for relevant and irrelevant links and even post comments. You get points for this participation. Net net, its like collecting your opinion overtly, unlike google that picks up usage and click statistics and does not pay you for that information.

- You need to sign in each time if you want points(unless u leave the cookies undeleted)
- Oh, the speed, the speed, the speed! Just the home page takes forever to load! And then one has to sign in and then search! Not happening.
- The toolbar functions in a way that is best described as "Dissapointing"

Have u tried these? What do u think?


Roop Rai said...

didn't try scour but did try cuil yesterday. like y'said, took me forever to find what i was looking for. google's still unbeatable. will try scour now.

Mampi said...

Hmm, gonna try now...
So they are offering goodies, eh?
The times have changed,
Hamare zamaney mein toh
Heee heee heee.
Just practising what Im gonna tell my grandchildren about these search engines.

Sachi said...

in reply 2 ur comment on my blog:
"I don't wanna sound rude and I have no where hurt people by mentioning who he she is. This post was meant to one particular blogger since he/she tried being very sweet n all. Ever imagined how it hurts when you get close(friends) with someone FAKE!"

:) they say, you don't understand until you're not a part of it.

soulbrush said...

thanks for your loving comment on my FY last post.
i have a big problem with a few people from work reading my blog, so have to make a new one. please come and join me at:


~nm said...

Tagged you! Pick it here

Indian Home Maker said...

Tried both just now. Searched for (vain???) an Indian Homemaker's blog, found direct links to many of my posts on Scour and on Cuil, a link to Blog Adda, from where the blog can be reached. I think Scour is better.

How do we know said...

Hi Roop rai: And how was Scour?

Hi mampi: :-) hmmm

Hi sachi: Take care.

Hi Soulbrush: Thank you for remembering to tell me about this.

Hi ~nm: Coming up.

Hi indian home maker :-)