Thursday, July 24, 2008

The final Logic Puzzle- The Case of the Four Busy couples

This one, I have been told, takes longer and needs a pen and pencil. :-)
Tell me what u think.

1. This case has 4 couples. All husbands have different professions. All wives also belong to different professions. No one is unemployed.
2. No 2 people of the same profession are married to each other.
3. P,B and C go to the same work place – the W Multi Speciality Hospital.
4. D and R have creative professions.
5. A is married to his doctor sweetheart, whose best friend is S, the teacher.
6. P does not like B who, in spite of sharing her profession, does not share her ethics.
7. Since the singer ( R ) and the engineer (Q) had a fight over the latter’s car park, R does not speak to Q or her husband B.
8. The dentist was lucky to find a job at the multi speciality hospital, all thanks to his best friend B.
9. While R is universally acknowledged as the most graceful young lady in the group, the best looking male is usually acknowledged to be S’s husband, D.
10. There are 2 engineers, but only one painter in the group.

What is each one’s profession, and who is married to whom?


S.M.A.R.T said...

Tagged you!

RJ said...

Okay, yes this took a while. Tell me if its correct :
Wife/Husband pairs = QB,RC,SD,PA
ie. Q wife B husband
R wife C husband
S wife D husband
P wife A husband
dentist C
singer R
doctor PB
teacher S
engineers QA
painters D


Z said...

I have the same answer as rj - nice puzzle!

PG said...

I enjoyed doing the puzzle. Thanks! And yes, i have the same answer as the others. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Ahhhhhh!! A word problem, run away, run away!!!!

dharmabum said...

woah! that was a good one, took me a while.

was this bit that irked though - statement 4 - something about it that i didn't like. i am of the belief that every profession is creative, depending on who chooses to do the job. :)

How do we know said...

Hi All: Am glad u liked it.

Hi pg: (wink and a big grin)

Hi Dharma: Accepted. :-)