Monday, August 04, 2008

Tag- Favorite Literary Characters

किताबों से कभी गुज़रो , तो यूँ किरदार मिलते है ,
गए वक्तों की ड्योढी पर बिछडे कुछ यार मिलते हैं

This tag is about your favorite literary characters. Comes to me from ~nm.

The problem with the tag is, my memory with names and faces. So the list will be very small, but not necessarily the complete list of friends made in the pages of books.

Here is my list:
1. Dominique Francon and Peter Keating from The Fountainhead. (not Roark)
2. Alka from Nagmani and the lead lady in Arial - Amrita Pritam.
3. Most women characters in Amrita Pritam's books.
4. Its Always possible - Kiran Bedi. (you never said fictitious literary characters)
5. All child characters in Ruskin Bond's works. But there was this tribal girl in one of his short stories - Madhu, i think.
6. All child characters in Premchand's stories.

Who do i tag? Anyone who likes this tag, but i'll be very happy if Aurora Sky, Adi and Thought Safari take this up.


Mampi said...

I would prefer Roark over Keating anyday. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Kilgore Trout

Solitaire said...

This would be the hardest tag for me.

human being said...

very interesting...

one of my favorites i remember now is the bachelor in the short story "The Storyteller" by Saki (H.H. Munro)

How do we know said...

HI Mampi: Yep, most ppl would!! :-)

Hi Phos: ???? this is even more of a riddle. Havent been to ur blog for a few days, and suddenly started to miss it with this comment...

Hi Solitaire: Me 2! Me 2! And u look really nice in that pic. :-)

Hi human being: And mine was also The Little Prince in the book by that name, and Fynn in Mister God this is Anna... and Sherlock holmes and Miss marple! Ah! My memory is like the Indian Polizia - always arriving too late.

adi said...

oh i'll sure. my memory and my likings and dislikings are pretty strong when it comes to books and characters :)

adi said...

and where did u get this couplet from?
ummm, ayn rand's women characters are not as strong as the males. i like roark, cos i see my shades in him. dee on the other hand likes wyan most.

How do we know said...

Hi adi: will wait for 2 things from u then - the neelkanth poem and the tag here..
this couplet is from a jagjit Singh gazal, have only heard it once in my entire life, so cant really place much else on the source.

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