Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All tyrants are hated by those who are tyrannised. This is as true of Idi Amin as of the Man of the House.
Be careful, even tyrants must some day be old, or infirm, or unwell.

Most men retire to find that while they were away being loyal to their work, their families have created a life without them. And the office is merrily chirping away- the hole they thought they created was made in water.
Why am I writing this? After seeing many men in close circle who have retired and live a rather lonely life. In the house and all that, but lonely.
Not altogether their fault, because in their generation, no one taught them any other way. But men(and women) of our generation? What's their excuse for wishing the same loneliness upon themselves?

Well, forget it. This is just a rambles and ruminations post..


~nm said...

Well..I think how much time you spend with your family during working life will tell you how much time they are willing to spend with you once you retire! Don't you think so?

Ye manzilen !! said...

That was rather a HARSH one from you!

- as if you know why people choose lonliness to some companionons!!

Tanhiayyan be-wafa nahi hotin....

Solitaire said...

Paapi pet ka sawaal.

artnavy said...

i wonder too

but it is such a fine balancing act na?

soulbrush said...

no, won't forget it, these words are soooo true, have seen it more than once, even woman don't know what to do with themselves after retirment age, i have so many hobbies that i hope this won't happen to me when i retire (which is round the corner now as I am 60).

human being said...

very insightful reflections... so true...
to tell you the truth, this is one of the things i keep telling my husband... i want to prevent that loneliness... but seems he is not much concerned about the future!!!

How do we know said...

hi~nm: Right. Thats the point i was trying to make. All of us seem to be working more for the office than for ourselves. It will all come back to us when we least want it to.

Hi ye manzilen: Hoti hain. Jaise hi koi aur hamare zara bhi paas aata hai, tanhaaiyaan humein chhod kar chal deti hain.. tanhaaiyaan bhi bewafa hoti hain. :-)

Hi solitaire: :-)

Hi artnavy: ALWAYS! Always, such a fine balancing act, and u never know which side of the balance u r..

Hi soulbrush: Yes, they are.. but i find more and more ppl not remembering.. and u r right.. having hobbies can pretty much mean the difference between age related diseases and the lack of them.

Hi HUman Being: Without sounding generalistic, i find all husbands completely oblivious of the future till it hits them on the head with a heavyy iron rod. :-) we sail the same boat!

Pinku said...

no what u have said is not mere rambles its something very real. Men folks almost fear retirement, cause they have been brought up to think that they need to earn, to provide.

That status being reduced or gone is very difficult to handle.

And the family needs to understand where the poor man is standing. A stranger in his own home.