Friday, April 16, 2021

China shows us who's boss

 The last 2 days were spent being... well, unwell. Really unwell. 

Finally, towards the middle of the second day, I wondered - what if this is not Covid, but a bacterial upper respiratory tract infection? I am not even treating it! 

Since no doctors were available for consultation, i tried one dose of a broad spectrum antibiotic. by evening, the difficulty in swallowing was gone, but the fever was not much better. 

At night the second dose happened, and the RT-PCR report came back negative. Tomorrow, hopefully, I will have a second consultation with a doc who will diagnose it correctly and prescribe the right antibiotics, or medication. 

BUT, the hell that one went through for 2 days got me thinking - with the Wuhan virus, China has shown everyone who's boss. They can unleash a deadly virus on the world, buy out WHO, and if that is not enough, create a virus that only impacts blood markers present in a certain stratum. 

How can a virus this specific not be lab created? 

Take a bow, Wuhan, and China. We recognise the new face of terror. 

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