Saturday, April 17, 2021

10 reasons why Indian wives dont expect much from husbands generally

 Someone started their Linkedin Post with "10 reasons that INdian men are scared of their wives generally" and went on to give gyaan to husbands to cherish their wives and all that. But i could not help a rejoinder: 

10 reasons why Indian wives don't expect much from their husbands generally:

1. They pause mental growth at the age of 13 , and never resume.

2. They missed the memo on "Thinking without mom"

3. They can never prioritise family over beer with buddies.

4. You are expected to maintain relations with their family, whether they do so or not. You are also the defacto housekeeper, resident nurse, caregiver of the family whenever they or their parents need it. It is assumed that you will drop your life and take care of these responsibilities yourself. They, on the other hand, will just hire a 24 hours nurse bureau and be done with it.

5. They are perennially guests - in their own home. If they do anything in the house, they are "helping" you, because, well, that's what guests do.

6. They were born with the knowledge of how manage 8 country, 100 million dollar projects, but washing a tumbler is an unachievable feat.

7. Laundry is ..wait, its not loitering? what is it, then?

8. Children are mom's babies from diaper change to homework, and dad's heroes from swings to ice-creams.

9. They have a right to be respected in your family. Their body part entitles them to lifelong VIP treatment.

10. They also missed the memo on "You are not your dad. This is a different world."

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