Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cognitive and Affective Bias

I see far too many people saying that a Hindu rashtra is a threat to the secular fabric of the country.
To all such armchair activists, I am about to give a small lesson in history.

Vijayanagara was, at that time, the only Hindu kingdom in the South. At that moment in history, every single Muslim kingdom, left, right, center and Delhi, was converting people to Islam. What was Vijayangara doing? Conducting a Hindu nation - no conversions were carried out. The king of Vijayanagara gave donations to mosques and to Hindu religious places.

Punjab had Sikh rule. But the army was multicultural. There were no conversions. No discriminatory tax (read: Jaziya) , even though the Delhi sultanate was using Jaziya to convert forcibly and to get richer. Even though the Mughals were responsible for the deaths of the Sikh gurus. Muslims in Punjab thrived and grew. They held important positions because they deserved them. A record of the grants by Maharaja Ranjit Singh shows that the grants were given to all places of worship.

SO, when an urban illiterate thinks of a Hindu state, s/he perceives the Hindu version of an Islamic state or a Christian state. But the Hindu state is, by definition, a secular state. Even Nepal, which is the world's only Hindu nation, has non Hindu populations and they are never discriminated against.

The reason the Islamists and the Christians fear the idea of a Hindu state, is that they know what an Islamic or Christian state looks like. But that is NOT what a Hindu state looks like.

The reason the Hindu is baffled by their resistance, is that, even in their dreams, a Hindu state cannot disallow worship of any other kind. The religion is based on multi-culturalism and it is soo deeply ingrained that it is not possible to suddenly create a sense of exclusion.

This inherent ignorance of how these religions work, and the arrogance to not even understand the concept of Ram Rajya, is what is creating a lot of unrest today.

What is my personal view?
India, as a society, is tolerant and inclusive. It is my belief that no man who goes to feed his family from morning to night will ever pick up a stone to create unrest.

The people who are generating this unrest, they have no religion - truly. Whether they are liberandus or Hinduta vadis or Congressis trying to undermine a leader of the opposite party - they have no religion, and no humanity.

They are terrorists of the worst type, because they poison our drinking water - our collective consciousness. I live with my Muslim friends, Christian friends, and Hindu friends, and they don't have any religions. Suddenly, the cover on my head is more important than what is in my head? People who made that happen are the worst snakes ever.

I have seen the exact same propaganda in 1936 - 47, and i have seen how that story ends. So really, my view is, anyone who is not happy with India - get the hell out. (And i have said this before)

I have deep, deep faith in the inherent multiculturalism of India. And 70 years after partition, I can tell you that that faith is well founded.


Deepa Calyanakoti said...

I disagree only with 1 statment - your Xn and Muslim friends - will they vote for a hindu leader ? when there comes a conflict of religion will they go behind what is right or their religion ?

Deepa Calyanakoti said...

I disagree only with 1 statment - your Xn and Muslim friends - will they vote for a hindu leader ? when there comes a conflict of religion will they go behind what is right or their religion ?

How do we know said...

They have voted for a Hindu leader Deepa.. for many decades.

J P Joshi said...

The biggest threat to a corrupt society and political system is an incorruptible leader. When he is in power, he is feared even by his own corrupt followers. Modi is one such leader. I have lived in Gujarat when he was CM; I never missed North America as far as bijli, paani, sadak was concerned. There have been no riots in Gujarat after 2002, or in the country in the last 5 years. Any guesses why? Rule of law.

People tend to forget that SC has found Modi not guilty of the 2002 riots but the narrative continues by politicians who speak about secularism with a double tongue; accomplished journalists who fear for their wealth, power & good times; religious preachers of monotheistic religions, whose duty it is bring people to the fold, as these religions find people are not good enough or as good as them (monotheistic religions have one book, one God; every one who believes in that will achieve salvation/ jannat and the rest lesser humans have to be uplifted and it is duty of their clergy, who occupy an advisory role. Imagine the arch bishop, who is appointed to his position by the Pope of Vatican state, issuing written instructions to his flock to NOT vote for Modi; similarly the Shahi Imam and moulvis) and pseudo left historians/ intellectuals who created an education system that made me feel inadequate as an Indian.