Friday, April 06, 2018


Being mean is not an action. It is a personality trait.

Even if someone tells u that they want your advice - they don't. They mostly just want to be heard without judgement. Do just that.

They always know the answer that they want to hear. It is not always the answer that they need to hear. Our tolerance for answers that we need to hear is at an all time low.

It is a great idea to stop talking to people. It is a pathetic idea to stop talking to yourself.

Life is too short for ego. I really mean that.

होता काम बोलता नहीं है।

Corollary: जो बोलता रहता है,  उस के पास काम करने का समय कब है?

This one is dedicated to all those who are constantly angry with "the system" and are constantly unhappy with everything:
मक्खी खुद को चाहे चील समझे, होती वो मक्खी ही है. आज तक किसी मक्खी ने शिकार कर के नहीं खाया. भिनभिनाती मक्खी शिकार ख़ाक करेगी?!

Size is only one of the dimensions of existence. The plane is another. The plane or layer or world that we inhabit. Mass/weight, maybe? Density? There are more. I m still finding out about them.

अच्छी  बातें बीज की तरह होती है। उन्हें फैला देना चाहिये। क्या पता, कहां जङ पकङ जायें।

रिश्ते न, fixed deposit के जैसे होते हैं। अगर investment ही नही करोगे, तो mature कैसे होंगे।

जिस पेङ की जङें हमने खोखली की हों, उसके फलने फूलने की इच्छा नहीं करनी चाहिये। पाप लगता है। 

The good things that people say to make it better? Morning makes it worse. Except, perhaps, God. 


Himanshu Tandon said...

Quite 'mean'ingful !!!

How do we know said...

Hi HT: I like the word play. Long time!