Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back after a New Year Break!

Wanted to share a lot with you about our wonderful holiday and the lousy resort, and about the salient news on that day, the things we did and the things we missed by switching off the cell phone for 4 straight days.. but all that seems so immaterial now!

This post, I will let the pictures do the talking.

Oh, and btw, do avoid the exorbitant rates of Vardaan Resorts. They are the only ones who appear when you put a net search, but that is not enough reason to throw your hard earned money away.


Sugarlips said...

I love mountains :)they stand
with ethereal grace...snow
covered peaks reaching the
serene skies :) & there is something romantic about the full moon :)
Nice pics & they reminded me my trip to smoky mountains :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Keshi said...

beautiful pics! all of em r lovely! Seems like u had peaceful fun :)


Nabeel said...

awwwwww @ smoky mountains .. smooch for sugarlips .. yes the hut picture reminds me of smoky mountains too .. because we went to this place there in cherokee and they had huts that native americans used to build and live in ..

and in our case .. the resort .. well a small cabin high in the mountains was just a small little piece of heaven, breakfast on the swing, singing birds, smell of nature .. loved it.

dharmabum said...

u didn't tell us where the holiday was? or mebbe u did and the stupid me missed out on it?

i never hit the resorts. for one, they hardly suit my undersized pocket ;o) mroeover, i don't ever 'plan' my travel or stay - that way, everything remains uncertain and to a great extent flexible. but yes, it means that at times, you'll have to make do with sleeping in a shed or something, but i kinda prefer that to the resorts!

lousy resort or not, glad to hear u had a good holiday! wish you many more!

Neihal said...

well the pictures are talking...and I like what they are saying :)

sophie said...

I loved the fourth photo -
of the majestic tree and the
moon - is it the moon?
Mysterious and poetic picture-
It's so restful to get away from
everything - happy for you:)


mathew said...

splendid..nice snaps as well..where exaclty is the place??

priya said...

Its nice to stay close to mountains throwing away all unwanted history in mind. If it was a mountain with snow its good to drive with gpd and have cellphone.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Beautiful country, excellent pictures. Where were they taken?

How do we know said...

Hi Sugarlips: I soo agree with you about the mountains and the full moon.. in fact, we were blessed with the full moon on this trip.. to see a mountainside illuminated by the full moon, is something one cannot capture in a pic!:-)

Hi Keshi: oh i did!! :-) How was ur ringing in of z new year?

HI Nabeel: What a coincidence! These are grass huts which are found in every field around harvest time! and that resort? You sure will make a lot of ppl on this blog very jealous! :-)

Hi Dharmabum: You sound like the typical member.. only, am sure you dont even plan enough to use that! Am secretly jealous of you.. ;-)
I did not reveal our secret destination, bcs then it will not remain a secret.. actually, one small town which is the border between Jammu and Kashmir, and is more Kashmir than Jammu.. thats where we were. The town is called patnitop.

Hi Neihal: The pictures loved the compliment of being listened to! :-)

hi Sophie: Yes, it is the moon. And its among my favorite pics too!

Hi Mathew: Cant wait to see ur Germany snaps! This is one small town on the border of Jammu and Kashmir. A tiny little place, which is only worth something if you think walking with the monkeys is good fun. The name is Patnitop.

HI Priya: drive with gpd?? what is gpd? or did you mean gps? hmm.. maybe :-)

Hi Phosgene kid: They were taken at a few places - all on the border of Kashmir and jammu, in the northernmost part of India. The place is called patnitop. The first photo is from the Jammu terrain.

Di said...

loved the pics..esp the first looks like some sage's cottage!!

dOne said...

Well the limited number of pictures explain that you enjoyed more time with your eyes rather than restriced view from behind the lens.

I envy your spirit of being a vagabond.

dharmabum said...

hey, we been there - very close to patnitop, but didn't spend time, for we had to rush to keep our 'agenda'. those were the days when i still believed in planning :) and then there were others, and so i cudn't have my say :( sweet place tho...been thining i'l do kashmir sometime..wonder when :)

ranju said...

very beautiful.........

How do we know said...

hi Di: You'll be surprised where i got it.. our car had a flat tyre and there was a tiny bridge next to the place where the tyre was being replaced. This picture is taken from that bridge! On the other side, village boys played cricket on a 20% angled field :-)

Hi done: Great to see you back again! Did miss you.
Re. the vagabond.. Nashike-bai ka nashtar apni taqdeeron mein hai! :-)

hi Dharma: Of course you'll do Kashmir one day.. everyone of us vagabond souls will do Kashmir one day.. its not a question of when we choose the land, its a question of when the land chooses us! :-)

Hi ranju: Thanks!

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